The Loss of the Talosian Illusion of The American Century

… this was originally posted as a reply to Undine under Angry, Disgusted and Fed Up … thought I might post it here also to catch a few more eyes …

… Yes, we now understand, as exposed during “our most recent unpleasantness”, that the “previous world” you mention was never really there. It was, for lack of a better term, nothing but a “Talosian-generated illusion” (see original Star Trek episode “The Menagerie”). One interesting thing is that the PTB appear to have forgotten the technology (magic) that maintained the illusion. “It’s the economy, stupid” … a modern day spell from the swamps of Louisiana unable to be invoked any longer … possibly? The meanings of words and the “energy” of those words is important to any craft political or otherwise.

Maybe some early interpreters of Descartes (and Descartes himself) were correct in that he posited a Deus Deceptor with, in his own words, “summe potens and callidus”. (see his Meditations on First Philosophy, 1641) Whether one ends up agreeing with Descartes or not still well worth the read.

It seems the great majority of us have been or are slowly being turned into Philip Aylesfords, that we are all part of a giant “Philip Working” (see The Philip Experiment … conducted by mathematical geneticist Dr. A.R.G. Owen and psychologist Dr. J. Whitton, Toronto, 1972). It really would explain much of what we observe going on around us.

Take Jean Baudrillard’s “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place” and instead read the title as “The American Century Did Not Take Place”. It is now painfully clear that our myriad (I say myriad because we can’t know the actual number because those documents are classified and will never see the light of day) “actions” in support of “American Interests” around the world during that time (and still ongoing, I’m sure Giza members can provide their own examples) too were atrocities masquerading as the spreading of Democracy.


I never bought the “we’re good guys spreading democracy” baloney. I’ve always interpreted that as a euphemism for “we’re going to destroy your country so we can control it and a few big corporations can profit – human life, death, and suffering be damned.”

How much more painfully clear can it get than seeing the effects of Agent Orange, or the mass migration, slavery, and human trafficking enabled by a destroyed Libya, or the massacred mess Iraq became, or the Taliban taking over Afghanistan? To say nothing of seeing how poorly so many physically and mentally destroyed veterans of our own have been treated by their government.

How little difference there is between all of that and the most recent unpleasantness! The government asserts control, a few big corporations profit like mad, and widespread human suffering and death result. It always amazes me that people can still think, “They [the powers-that-be] would never go that far. They’re not that evil.” Hah! They have and are. The record is crystal clear on that score.


Keeping “analogical” thinking at bay from the multitudes in any way shape or form was primordial. Now humanity is in transition to be robotisized thru stripping free will by self appointed divinity illusionists.

The gadgetry has cought up with magicians gadgetry of old. Sad part, humanity has done and still does the heavy lifting that keep the divinity illusions going for those crazies.