The Lost Art of Pythagorean Thinking

Here’s a very good presentation on the thinking of the Pythagoreans, from The Rising Tide Foundation (I have seen a few of their presentation on History which I found interesting; this one came up as a result of my subscribing to that channel, which I do recommend). It is detailed, albeit somewhat necessarily - due to time constraints I would think - less detailed than might otherwise be the case. It covers a lot of ideas re harmonics, the five Platonic solids, and myriad relationships that follow from this line of ancient thought, including various geometric connections within the periodic table of elements. As a way of at least beginning to understand both the depth of thinking of the Pythagorean school of thought and the relevance of such thinking to much of JPF’s works, especially those that reference musical examples, I think this presentation is indeed worth the time invested in watching it :slight_smile:


Mathew Ehret does a weekly show on Rogue News. Recently, they had Cynthia Chung, a co-founder of The Rising Tide on : Rogue News: Interview - Cynthia Chung: Co-Founder The Rising Tide Foundation - YouTube

I am relatively new to their work, but so far I am impressed. It takes me some time to churn though content, and “vet” the source. So far, I see no angle to their work that raises the proverbial red flags. Thank you for posting, I’m watching now.

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Playing or being played? Excellent video the piece at the beging is truly magical.
Thank you

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Thanks for sharing wonderful !

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Thanks for this beatthedrum!

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The important take away for me was the split and comment about the riff used by the then elites to sabotage Plato using Aristotle to bring about their anti human agenda we have today.

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Yes Billy Bob, that was a big takeaway for me also :slight_smile:

Your other post on LaRouche alluded to the same split. Two unrelated sources years a part relaying the same message?

Ummmm. Who’s myth has more weight?
Myth or narrative, both seem the same. Managing and controlling them has been going on for thousands of years.