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It did not take very long this time at all for questions about the latest mass shooting event in Amerika to emerge, and quite a few questions they are, and many of these go directly to the question of whether or not he acted entirely alone and entirely of his own volition, or if there…


In those circumstance my Heuristic is pretty simple time and time again proven to keep my brain from sliding in a state akin to the now over used smear “conspiracy theory” to explain the world around me. That said Credit to you @vardas3 , i now include to my What ?, Who ?, Where ?, When ? & Why? - HIGH OCTANE SPECULATION. Those 3 words are literally disarming the negative ninny army out there *(BTW love the Shirt lmao) :sunglasses:

There is definitively without any doubt Top Tier expertise at play here. The recipe is simple time and time again we have seen this play out. Fear is the mind killer. I was surprise to learn that my own mom locked up her doors and live in fear for a few days With every passing hours she observed with dread the “possible location radius” expand to soon touch Montréal, Qc, Ca. Made Possible only with the help of cable TV MSM ( Wave 1).

Learned helplessness have to be reinforce : county police force out matched , citizens have to be steer away from any thoughts of empowerment to protect themselves. Guns Did it after all: “Those Weapons of War are the problem.” Helpless at stopping Ukraine or the middle East ?
Has a good reactionary you can take away the guns at home. That’s some positive actions you can take!

It’s easy to come to the conclusions that an event like that ,taking place in a blue State, serve the political narrative (the main client of public relations btw) , White(devil) middle age men out for blood , gun confiscation to rally around just like BLM did to many independent liberal voters. It is not farfetch to assume the pollster know something we don’t. After all You won’t notice inflation if you are lock up in your home . . .duh! Maybe Maine is enough of a microcosm/sample to test the free floating anxiety level of the population. Is Maine population energy enough to influence the NOOSPHERE? ( Wave 2 ) EVEN MUSK acknowledge Twitter damage on society (Wave 3) The deathCult took control of the air waves so to speak. Could this be ritualistic in nature ? Those are legitimate questions. (BTW I don’t object to the concept of the 8th sphere at all , just tossing that out there.)

Historically the 2 main concern of the US Army were : (A) The soldier rate of fire and from that percentage (B) reduce the number of friendly fire incident. You can bet the house they threw everything and anything at the problem. Cybernetics , Pharma , Cultural , Neuro/Behaviral science and all the occult ideas we never heard from. If you follow SLA Marshall conclusion you need to Erode the Culture and desensitize the public and muddy any moral ethic. Enter video game Mind programming.(Wave 4) In a game scenario the heavy moral implication of a choice disappear. Make it realistic enough so folks feel at home in a front line setting. Gamify it just enough so subject associate “pulling” the trigger with a dopamine reward. The next logical step would be finding ways to bypass the screen. If you need example You can flip 2020-2021 US Army Weapon System HandBook It is mind blowing. From heads up display helmet to Voice of god tech: Microwave auditory effect to talking plasma laser balls , no matter how you slice it it’s all Energy!

Beam enough energy to brain damage a population , feed them something that remove inhibitions AND PULSE a Wave that trigger fight of Flight primal fear. No need for complex Friend or Foe system that can modify the perception of a friendly into a Foe. Beam it at a person, turn anyone in sight has a mortal threat. Is a sure way to mass produce lethal chaos all day long and on a large scale.

Has far possession goes : If me ,the wretch that i am, can be touch by the holy ghost on a few occasion i cannot dismiss the opposite being true. I’ll defer to you has you probably have studied a great deal of writing about possession. I wouldn’t be surprise in 3 to 5 years some lab will prove plasma is a new state of life and that some glass apparatus is catching soul energy on the moon !

   TL : DR ° All the systems exist , you only need vandals willing to push the button.

All excellent points, @Kellzilla. I just mentioned on another thread (Seeing thee Light…) that there might have been “over-reported victims” but you are spot on as to how they are trying to convince the public that all guns must be confiscated FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.


Which brings up another issue. Like the Las Vegas shooting, early reporting had a number of witnesses claiming multiple perps. Relying on the right set of circumstances to advance an agenda may not always be possible within the needed timeframe. For all we really know, Chard may have just been a “profile” they could legitimately pin it on.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this once tried and true technique is this: A sizable number of people no longer believe the narratives. The Vegas sheriff shows up in Maui? People “notice” now. The real perps are harvesting diminishing returns, and make each successive action more difficult to pull off to any effect. Even the Israeli war with their possible puppets, Hamas, have lead to unprecedented levels of worldwide antisemitism. They now threaten the West with, if you don’t help us we won’t have any choice but to start a nuclear war’.

The puppet masters are running out of tools. Making it all the more likely we will have mushroom clouds in our near future.


Very true. Also keep in mind ret Gen Wesley K. Clark . Since 9-11 Iran knows they are in the CrossAir , Since Obama term-1 they have been screaming on top of their lungs they want Nuclear energy to develop their civilization. IF something happen it prove the US gov lies about Iran to be true. Yes Iran ,like most other country, have a few nukes likely acquired in the mid 60s-70s.

To go back to what you were saying. Time is running out for those DEMS and all their allies in charge all over the NATO sphere. The Vandals are pulling the trigger. BiBi will go down has one of the worst leader in history. Hopefully stalling those arse’hat will be enough to save us all.

What i really fear is a China “Rockefeller” world order. The DEMS are giving us a taste of things to come with the Cultural censorship and political / economic persecution. My secret hope was to roll back the patriot act , the police state / surveillance state. I don’t see how we can attack them considering the mass migration cluster f*ck.

In the TV series JERICHO , the US gov blew up US Army nukes to destroy US cities. . . . . .
Hopefully this show wasn’t predictive programming.


Yes, but I see all of it as the same thing. They need their dialectic to herd us in the preferred direction.


Damn it , you had to mention “dialectic” lol
My mom dropped on my lap the other day Jean-Paul Sarte : Critique of Dialectical Reason

It’s been sitting there for some time. . . . I been “avoiding it” :rofl:


Hahaha. Yes, it is time.