The Moon, the Mahdi and the everlasting hostility

According to Shia Islam only a global conflagration of epic scale will force the emergence of the 12th imam the Mahdi from his centuries old watery hideout deep down within a mysterious well that no one knows the location only that it’s most likely somewhere in those mysterious sands of the Shinar plain (aka Babylon) in southern modern day Iraq…


It brings to mind that infamous Mesopotamian chaos “god of water” Enki (who was an Annunaki interestingly…or an evil Watcher in Hebrew cosmology) who emerged from his watery underworld within the earth or the Abzu to bring chaos and destruction upon Enlil’s world (aka Yahweh in Hebrew cosmology)…from the fertility cult side of things the water motif also made him the god of regenerative semem…


This god of semen motif connects him to the much later religion of Persian Zoroastrianism and the evil spirit Ahriman (aka a Watcher in Hebrew cosmology) that opposed Ahura Mazda (aka Yahweh in Hebrew cosmology) and who slayed the primal life giving bull (one of the four faces of the Hebrew Cherubim that guard Yahwah’s thrown) but its life giving semen is saved and stored in a “hollow moon” so life could later reemerge…


This moon component connects it to the even much later Islamic religion which arose in this same desert lands and which is believed to be a moon-god religion at its core with the crescent moon as it’s primary symbol and with its moon rock which fell to earth from the sky that is touched, kissed and revered by pilgrims in the corner of the mysterious and ominous looking Kaaba in Mecca…it’s telling that they “orbit” around the ominous black cube that houses the rock from above…

House City GIF


Secondly, the scientific evidence seems to point to the fact that the moon is hollow and appears to have continued and highly anomalous activity occurring upon and around it as if someone or something resides there…the inclusion of the video is not to say that I think Apollo…as we were shown at least…was a real or true account…

The above stated…there should be no surprise that the Islamic world centered in these same ancient, mysterious and shifting sands would want to carry forward into the high tech age their reverence and homage to that strangest of heavenly bodies that ever lurks over the night watches like some “Watcher” or observing spectre biding its time and awaiting its moment…

As with Rushdi…the devotees of the 12th Imam and the moon god have a long memory and their threats are not empty ones as they relentlessly seek nuclear weapons and the means to call forth their savior/saviors from within that dark well…the world would be wise to take notice of these threats before it loses its own eye…


The globe appears to be prepped for the arrival of a super being/beings…the western world awaits the 2nd coming of Jesus the MESSIAH with His holy angels…the eastern world awaits the coming of the 5th Buddha MAITREYA…the atheistic/agnostic world awaits the coming of the singularity 2.0 super MAN…but the Islamic world awaits the coming of the 12th Imam the MAHDI


So Gideon arose and killed Zebah and Zalmunna, and took the CRESCENT (MOON) amulets which were on their camels’ necks. Judges 8:21

Since you have had EVERLASTING HOSTILITY and have turned over the sons of Israel to the power of the sword at the time of their disaster, at the time of the punishment of the end, therefore as I live, declares the Lord GOD, I will certainly doom you to bloodshed, and bloodshed will pursue you; since you have not hated bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you. Ezekiel 25:5-6


Reminds me a bit of Azazel bound under the Euphrares waiting to be freed.


Agreed…those biblical sand dunes and waters…

Interesting how the world is currently being “spellbound” by Frank Herbert’s desert world and his super human Muad’Dib…what perfect timing for a redo…

Denis Villeneuve Dune GIF by TIFF

A tip of the artistic hat to the extinguishing of a worlds star by a total eclipse of it’s own dark moon…

Timothee Chalamet Dune GIF by Regal

As above…so below…

Wells, to Huxley, to Richard, to Kubrick…alchemical film making at its best…create a zeitgeist for the global hive mind as an act of invocation to manifest the true star child/super being…

space odyssey animation GIF by weinventyou

Such a person has the spirit of the Antichrist, which you heard is coming into the world and indeed is already here. 1 John 4:3

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Try if you will,the old school… :thinking: chak’ta…and Sands of Time.


Interesting…it’s been years since I watched the original Dune and had totally forgotten this scene…my immediate thought in watching the clip is a obvious reference to a capstone…or as our host would say the benben stone…to me that’s Herbert connecting his story to that greatest esoteric and enigmatic symbol of all which sits in a desert region of dunes…the pyramid…is it the one at Giza or perhaps that original great ziggurat (aka Tower of Babel) situated upon those very Shinar plains were Enki resided…perhaps both…if so are these the mysterious 2 towers that Tolkien telegraphed…are they connected to the Masonic temples “towers/pillars” named Boaz and Jachin…and who can forget that great sacrificial ritual of our time which brought down those 2 towers that initiated the bazzaro world we’ve come to live in…so much symbolism to consider…

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Remembering Never Forget GIF

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Closing in.Stay on target. :point_right: :ok_hand: and thank you for your shared thoughts and for the reply.


Ditto my friend…so much to consider in these amazing times!

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oh it’s not just Azazel, whom exactly the Muslim tradition puts there, but the so called ‘frost giants’ at Antarctica-Jotunheim, put there by Odin, as Lucifer is put into the deepest hell, which is a freezer too according to Dante.

so we got a wild bunch to get loose.

not to speak of the Old Gods, who may want to return just in time to reclaim humankind. big mess.

Armageddon, Ragnarök, whatever is coming. or they want to make it come. and we haven’t even touched the subject of the shifting poles, which already started.

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this is interesting too:

i think this year we’ll see so much revelations on so much subjects, that the 'nromies gonna go batshyte crazy.

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No-no! Do not let anybody deceive you!

This is NOT a 'Destroyer of Worlds or The Bane of the Gods’!
It is a nuclear fission device which clears out the pests in the house.

Our Society has to stay in character, or the uneducated, lowly, ignorant crowd - who are uncapable of critical, scientific thinking - gets hysterical and makes panic at the markets!

War is peace! Progression is protection! Profits are to be realized!

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Very interesting, thank you.