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… Thanks for posting that link. Another great way of locating off the beaten path literature.
Another similar resource


Thanks for sharing this very interesting link.

One thing about modern search engines, these days, is that one has a challenge finding anything deeply relevant to one’s interests that isn’t somehow “vetted” by hidden entities, and so nowadays, it’s the person to person sharing that lands us the most interesting resources. (We’ve noticed that even our local library system is heavily censored and vetted – and so many of the books we’ve been reading lately come via special orders or the used book store).


… I’m sure there are exceptions here and there but for the most part public libraries are a joke.

Something one can do … look at the bibliographies (don’t forget the references in the footnotes as well, occasionally the books or papers mentioned in the footnotes aren’t included in the bibliography) in your books and search directly for those titles.


It’s worse than I thought. The ‘forbidden’ or lost books on this list - every one of them - fall squarely into the “yeah it’s confusing, but they push the narrative” list.

The stuff I’ve researched over the last 10 years has different rules. They do not push the narrative and the links disappear without a trace. And the people are canceled, never to be heard from again.

I think we’re witnessing a certain oppositional mastery, whereby the censors inject or allow for well-known controversies, all the while hiding the most damning parts. This gives us all the illusion of discovery and throttles our capacity to make a difference.


… made no claim as to “good” or “bad” just mentioning another resource.

Yes, I should have been more precise.

I clearly have an axe to grind. lol

Mining bibliographies is a fantastic practice, something I’ve been enjoying for a good while, and have found far more interesting books that way than through the library joke system. That is one of the things I love about picking up a book – looking at the bibliography section, and making note of books to watch out for!

This forum (including your own posts!) has also been a great treasure trove to hear about books, and we’ve also found out about books by listening to interviews. Anything but the internet search engines, and very little through the library.