The new book ____ ____ in the ______

Well I did it folks. I brought in the new book, ____ ____ in the ____ within pages I predicted to the publisher: 150. A little warning, this little book is VERY disturbing and my most deeply speculative book to date, bar none.


Congratulations, Joseph! You have been through a lot – and so has the world. Prayers, as ever – Alicia xo

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Thanks… I suspect, and hope, if this book is successful in the way I intend it to be, that prayers will become the normal rather than the exception again.


Well, I hope so, as merely being perturbing hasn’t really done quite enough, so far…


" we need books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us" Kafka


Congrats on the book. Keep em’ coming.

I believe the title is a play on the the word “pyramid”.

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Have you sent it to the printers?

Pre-ordered the book last year. Amazon says it will come in May!!!

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Get it today, here Book Detail | Adventures Unlimited Press Bookstore: Books on Conspiracy, UFO's, Holy Grail, Templar Studies, Mayans, Olmecs

The book I am talking about here is NOT the one Amazon says will be available in May. THAT book is already available direct from the publisher, by the way.

Thank you, but now am a bit confused, which is generally normal.

The thing is the book ordered from Amazon (due 15th of May) and the one Telagraphic posted from Adventures Unlimited have the same title?

What is the name of the book you @vardas3 wrote about in the original post? Is there a link?

Joseph, that new book, not your “revisited” one will that be published thru Adventures Unlimited Press or LuLu?

The book which is the subject of this post I have not disclosed the title. THe book which is out now with adventures Unlimited is THe Giza Death Star Revisited. The Book which I have not yet disclosed the title will also be published by Adventures Unlimited.


Thank you. As fun exercise, we could try to guess what words fit in the blanks?

I believe Dr. Farrell mentioned he had sent it off to AUP last week sometime.
I hope it becomes available before June at the latest.

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