The Nixon Conspiracy

Former Nixon lawyer lays out the case for political persecution, including the DOJ having twelve PRIVATE In Camera meetings with Judge Sirica. They claimed proof they NEVER had!


That’s a must read!! Thx

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I had a friend when this happened, in real time say, it was a CIA op to remove Nixon and get Nelson Rockefeller in as V.P. Then Ford would be assassinated, and a Rockefeller would become president.

Wild speculation then.

But, now; in hind sight?


Nixon def knew to much and was a risc for the deepstate.
However it was so soon after JFK so another murder wouldnt get passed over.

Was Nixon all Good?
det not, but he att least knew enough to be a problem.

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He was better - than whatever hell was coming down the “WEF” pipe line.

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A very good book. Nixon had moments of anti-establishment thoughts while president, especially about IVY leaguers at the CIA. Weird to think that Nixon created the Environment Protection Agency while at the same time ordered bombing in Cambodia (with napalm)!

… and don’t forget an interesting connection …

"Jim Garrison, Watergate’s first target, was an ‘enemy’ carried over from the Johnson administration. The New Orleans District Attorney headed the only serious investigation in the JFK murder conspiracy. In a transparent political frameup, the federal government spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to silence Garrison.

The Government’s star witness was Pershing Gervais, cop turned D.A.'s investigator turned federal informant. On two occasions, IRS Agents strapped a mike to his body and sent him into Garrison’s home. Although the prosecution’s 55 tapes were admitted as evidence, the judge would not let the jury see a videotaped TV interview on which Gervais admitted he was paid by the federal government to frame Garrison. As part pf the bargain, the Justice Department shipped Gervais to Canada, provided his family with forged identification, and arranged a $24,000-a-year-do-nothing job with GM of Canada." - from an interview by Jeff Cohen in the Ann Arbor Sun, 22 November 1974


They did have Fromme and another wind up toy try to take ford out…

“Predicting the future is easy.
It’s trying to figure out what’s going on now that’s hard.”

  • Fritz R. S. Dressler