The 'old' firey Richard Dolan is back

How Twitter and Facebook lead to Fascism

The ‘old’ firey Richard Dolan is back … with applause from his reader/fans!


Good to know… and a nice find. Welcome back!

Indeed, it is good to see his old self back in form after a detour.


… yes indeed they had help from the populace … in the case of Germany see Christopher R. Browning’s Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland /and/ Daniel J. Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust


Dolan is brilliant here!

About the “barking dogs” on social media, I wonder: What would happen if everybody just walked away? If everyone switched off the tweet feeds and cave wall posts? Who would the dogs have left to bark at?

If a dog barks in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it…


You scored big one in my book today Scaramoge :ok_hand:

Telling like it is!
Loved it!


… QVBB … scored because of the references? … when I “score” I like to know how I done it. :slight_smile:

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Of course because of the outstanding references :grin:

… Thanks! glad you found them useful. Cheers.

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… God hears the prayers of all, even the bar bar bar of us dogs even in the forest of which you speak. There is a famous Ancient Greek (I think it’s Greek, going from memory here) vase with a dog and the cartoon balloon over the dog reads “bar bar bar” … to the Greek ear other languages sounded like the barking of dogs … hence the word “barbarian”

FiatLux, I agree with your analogy. I once heard a Hindu Rishi once claim that it is pointless to argue or compete or get mad at a barking dog. The student asked why? answer : You don’t get mad at the dog for not speaking Hindi do you?

And the barking dogs of social media sound like barbarians to me… A symmetry so elegant it would’ve made the Greeks proud.

I am thrilled. Richard is a pillar for humanity.

Recorded in Oct this year, and posted in the forum then. It is a fiery speech, a call to arms of sorts, and a welcome one from Richard. Some of you might this latest one interesting too :slight_smile:

Christian Ufology: An Interview with Timothy Alberino | The Richard Dolan Show - YouTube.

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