The origins of the Axis/Axel powers

During WW2 the open war was between the “Allied forces” and the Axis powers.
And then we had the Sovjet empire that in the end helped the “Allies” to defeat the “Evil” Axis faction.

The origin of the term Axis is actually what they were called in Swedish “Axel makter” where the word makt means power.

This all started with the swedish count Axel Oxenstierna (Oxenstierna basicly means Ox star)
He created a system called Stockholm bureaucracy during the days where Sweden openly was a great power in europe.

Basicly they exported a system of how to create a hierarchy within a state and how to manage the power between different institutions within local regions and later in colonies.

But when Sweden openly lost their military dominance over countries they had conquered they still kept the Stockholm bureaucracy system in how they run their countries.

This was a genius way to openly give away control over lost territories but still keep the control over the system that the countries operate under.