The Personal Computer as a Viral Vector

The Personal Computer as a Viral Vector. Global dissemination of a zoonotic virus pandemic narrative by the WHO, government and university scientists, the media, and the general public, has enabled the trialling of a cybernosis, or disease transmitted from a computing machine to humans, amongst a new and relatively large target body. This paper presents the rationale, methodology, initial findings, and limitations of the preliminary trial, and assesses the future potential of this new field of virology.


Now this is veeery interesting & I don’t doubt it a bit.
Thanks @ColonelZ

the future is know. i forgot to forget. mehr licht!

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Well well… congratulations, great find. I have not heard about this , since many years ago. I think there was a movie on this topic. That is, the topic was directly infecting a person with some kind of virus directly by looking at a computer monitor or at least inducing a virus in that person. And after a vague and incurable disease. I just can’t think of the name of the movie. I think it was a movie from the eighties, something like that.I think it was in the genre of science fiction or something.
And now it is becoming a reality. Nothing unusual in that sense.