Regular readers of this website know that I try to avoid talking about the planscamdemic during the week’s main blogs,…


Hope your friend can recover.

Never in my wildest dreams think a “mass level extinction” could come from within and it sure looks like it today.
I makes me sad, so sad that humanity can do this to one another and be his/her own worst enemy!

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What I notice here. And more people in other cities and villages notice it as well. We hear more often the sirens of ambulances and police.
When i check the 911 calls in my area there is clearly a rise in traffic accidents. Normally in my town it happens maybe one time a week even 2 weeks. At the moment there are multiple accidents in traffic. Last saturday 5 traffic accidents in 1 day! Accidents where cars just run into a ditch,or hit a pole or cars hit scooters and bicycles.
Also on the main highway almost every day there is a car accident. Weird ones. This weekend a car just drove off the road and ended up in the bushes.
I started to pay attention since spring this year and it seems to be getting worse.
Everytime friends and family come over to visit me I warn them to check the trafficnews first because so often traffic is stuck for a few hours that it is better for them to take another route.
More people notice it as well. It is not only in my area.
I am wondering how is it in other countries? Do you see a rise in traffic accidents?

Update: this morning a car drove into a fountain. I mean… these accidents are so bizarre. Are there zombies behind the wheel?


Yes, Ellie, I am seeing all sorts of odd accidents here in western Massachusetts. Cars going off the road in odd places too early in the day to be drunk drivers. Speeding crashes ending in deaths on streets in congested city areas, not highways, etc.

We all have to go out and do business regularly and I urge all of us to drive defensively keeping an eye on all vehicles around us at all times.

We live in a wooded area over a mile in from the main road. Road twists and turns in a few almost hairpin corners to reach our property. I have lived here 15 years but lately have had close experiences of almost head on collisions coming and going. Not normal.

Vaxxidents. It may get worse. Please be careful.


In August I saw my GP for my annual physical. I have known this doctor for over ten years, and he is now a Senior Attending at the main facility of the flagship teaching hospital in my State. During his evaluation he looked at my records and noted that I had not received the COVID vaxx. He said they had vaccines from two different companies on hand and offered to give me the shot then and there. I told him that I had serious reservations about the number of adverse events associated with these vaccines and wanted to hold off. “What kind of adverse events?”, he asked. I mentioned the VAERS database. “What’s that?”, he asked. A bit shocked by the question, I told him about the CDC’s role in collecting adverse drug reactions and spelled VAERS for him. He immediately looked it up on his laptop. “Huh, I need to look into this”, was his response.

I left the appointment amazed by our exchange. This doctor is a very bright guy, routinely regarded as one of the top physicians at this hospital. The fact that he was not aware of the VAERS database suggests that the clinical staff is not trained on this system and are not reporting adverse events. This is one datapoint, but for me it was an example of how vaxx adverse events are significantly underreported.

And despite our long and overall very positive relationship, I will be looking for a new doctor.


Unsettling as it is, and despite your Doctor’s ignorance, kudos for having the courage to come forward with a discussion! Fortunately he was much more open to input than a lot of MD’s, and most people just have to sit and listen to the narrative. Hopefully you have made a difference!


Thanks for your support.
This doctor is a fine person and a very capable clinician. His practice is very busy, and I fear that he was simply following the conventional guidance. The damage that is being done to our collective trust in the medical establishment will not be easily or quickly repaired.


My jabbed husband looks yellow to me now. It was reassuring to hear I am not the only one seeing a change in skin color.

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In my neighborhood of the 26 homes and 67 people, a little over half and over 60 have had the jabs. Their health is worse over the past year but given their age and co-morbidities that is anecdotal.

In the latest Solari wrap up Catherine Austin Fitts spoke with enthousiasm about the rise of the new media she was seeing here.
Journalist leave the old media taking their skills and experience with them and start their own channel. Below you see an example of this. They call themselves Black Box. Unfortunally only in Dutch.

The reason i still share this is because it tells the very sad story about what happened to Lisette Verhoeven. A 28 year old young woman who worked for a revalidation/nursing home. She wanted to get vaccinated to protect the people she was caring for.
After the shot she was fine and able to work accept for a bit of a headache and feeling nauseous.
In the second week she started to fell ill and it became worse each day. The headaches became more intense until she reached the point that she was on the floor vomitting for hours.

First with her father she visited the the hospital. Hardly able to walk. But they did not find anything and send her home. They did not want to connect her symptoms with the vaccination since she was fine in the first week.
They visited the hospital a second time but again she was send home. They tested her for Corona, she was not positive.
Nobody recognized the danger she was in.

When mother walked into the bedroom to check on her daughter she saw it right away. Something was horrible wrong. Lissette had a stroke in the right side of her brain. Her left side was paralysed.
After intense revalidation she improved a bit. She is not able to use her hand, a personal drama since she is also is a silversmith. Everything she loves doing is impossible at the moment and nobody knows if she ever will.

Hugo de Jonge first Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands heard about this family and contacted them. He wanted to visit Lisette and her parents and meet them in person. The family decined (for now).


aemay3 - I absolutely agree!

Know someone I haven’t seen since the jab earlier this year. Her skin was yellow and she looked older. Is that a liver issue or what?

Anecdotal, again from CT. I travel a lot throughout a state for my work. Traffic is thru the roof, worse then before pandemic. Everybody around me was jabbed. No side effects for now. NO overcrowding in funeral homes or obituary pages in local papers. I am beginning to agree with CAF that different part of America got batches of vaccines containing very different ingredients.

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RhebaRhae - Jaundice is a condition in which the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow because of too much bilirubin in the system. It occurs because the liver cannot break down the old, worn out red blood cells that contain yellow bilirubin in their hemoglobin.


Maybe different areas also have different environmental triggers that affect the injected in different ways…

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Yes thats true. Yellow skin is not enough to diagnose liver based jaundice. More important is yellow sclera ( white part of the eye ball)


If the yellow hits the eyes it is an advanced liver problem. I am watching my husband to see if there is any yellow there, none so far.

Also itchy skin, brown urine and pale poop