The Price of A Lie by K. C. Sivils , 2020/An Inspector Thomas Sullivan Thriller

Takes place on a planet; running an experiment for collectivism, totalitarianism, “whatever you want to call it”.
“The entire place was wired; someone is always listening”.
A workers’ paradise; managed for the benefit of the population, as well as corporations. Quite a price to pay for a lie"[client’s son died on the planet].

“You force people to see others in only one, predetermined way, and when you force equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity, you destroy personal individual liberty.”
“The rest of this perfect utopian society you claim to want to bring about, well, everyone will be equal all right, equally oppressed and miserable.”
“In the end, you’ll find you have lost things humanity needs, like truth, decency, and justice. Even worse, those you look up to as leaders, they will betray those who are the truest of the believers. And they’ll do it to keep power and wealth.”
“I couldn’t blame the prisoners for their indecision[to walk out of their open prison doors]. They’d long ago learned helplessness, and to try to escape went against the cruel lessons life had taught them”