The Refusers-Vaccine Gestapo

There is, somewhere, a US government employee at work as I type, calculating every last cent, how much Covid-19 saved the social security account, by eliminating millions of us, gereatrix. As if by design they formulate postulate imaginate a savings. No more monthly here, no more there, it adds up to huge annual savings, caused by premature death, brought on by covid related infection. And it doubles once you factor in mediscare.
Now this is offset by the net effect of premature retirement by baby boomers because of something covid related, they can no longer cut the mustard physically, or have become marginalized by economic slowdown. They being older the more likely your the first one cut, especially now in techno hell !! My position still exists but has morphed considerably and with the tech, my production about four times as large twice as precise. Loving innovation and growth while adjusting to far less people needed to do my job lol lol darn not a good trade off. I understand I could do Harvard courses online as the videos have been circulating lol lol million dollar lectures for $20 bucks lol As a refuser, I drew a line at Delta, understanding omicron has given me what the government can’t, a cure for the common cold! And for resistance to more fatal versions. No one’s safe! But to argue with science, no not him, science says this. Lol lol gotta love my retirement, think they can abscond with my fica?!! Nooo nahhht, I’m taking it, yah, it’s of low value very low, yah I paid 7.6% and my employer matched that for 15% total tax, a value today of a million dollars if in Tbills, lol lol lol imagine that a million simply by financing our own debt? They pay me less than the interest it’s earning. Them

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