The Richard Dolan Show: The Davis Wilson Notes

No More Excuses: We are now past the point of debating whether or not they are ‘real.’ They are here now and have been for a long time.


Sadly, agree w/his saying that the world you & i grew up in is gone[46:00].
That a “digital world” is being purposed by design; to replace the “natural/normal”.
Thanks Margaret-W for the link!


Maybe “they” are here
Or maybe it’s a labyrinthe smoke &mirrors trick
We report, you decide

Of this I am convinced: the blond pretty “mediums” that revealed nazi technology?
Hoax. They stole it from Victor Schaumberger.
The woo tsunami is coming.

I like Richard Dolan’s attitude on this issue. I tend to agree with his take on the Admiral Wilson inquiry and am not surprised at the denial and disinformation in its wake. The important quote " Humanity is experiencing a top down centrally directed “Global Revolution” that is transforming the very nature of our existence. " R.D. Richard’s “not talked about” breakdown list is also spot on with room for more to be added. Digital Control/ Less Freedom/ Hive Mind/ Clandestine conduct are but a few examples of what we are encountering as well as the overtly pervasive “feeling” that we are being “Lied too” by the governing powers. I have definitely noticed the dramatic controlled censorship over UFO information that circulates online as opposed to what leaked online between 96- 2006. There were several good nuggets that got by the control grid in those days that has since disappeared without a trace. What does this conclusion involve. 1. A large number of participants 2. A shadow Government of central control 3. Perhaps Col. Philip J. Corso may have been telling the truth in his book " The Day after Roswell". What are the potential implications of his warnings? Perhaps we have miscalculated the intent of who and what “they” are! Golden Earring | Twilight Zone (HQ) - YouTube

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