The Swedish Tigers repressed memories (part1)

Just dropped, its a Video version of a very long and comprehensive article about some key events from the past 100years.


I have to believe that “Ericsson” is part 2?

The Video is basicly a documentary version of the article i also posted.
So if you dont want to wait you can read the article.

But its far easier to digest in audio/Video format imo.
So many names and dates so my mind turns into gravy.

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HOLY COW. This will probably go to part 10! What a history of fraud and graft to explain Mr. Globaloney!

Its incredible and even impressive in a sick and twisted way.

But please dyor and do your best to try to break down the narrative being presented.
So far i havent seen any valid criticism to the information they have put together.
Its mostly the usual “antisemite” “communist” “nazi” slurs being thrown at the creators if the material.

But the more people who looks into the material the better.
There will always be some details missed or threads that can be further explored.

The “average Joe” will watch a video long before they’ll read an article or book. Good to see the dots connected for anyone interested.

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Neither the vid or article is for Joe though hehe…
But i def get where you are coming from, ive been trying to spread this information for years online.

This is the first international forum ive gotten any traction at all.
But even here i had to grind and basicly spam different videos/articles before enough people stopped trying to downplay what i shared.

Becauce the content of my findings doesnt disprove all other narratives that are being shared here.
The whole part with religous wars or the SSP agendas are still very real imo.
Its just that the financial and kinetic warfare part is still dependent on the control of information…

And for some reason that part is so hard for many to swallow.
Like the whole 5g debate is usually only about harmful radiation or transhumanism in most cases.

And if someone talks about mass surveillance they usually never go further then talking about “NSA,CIA” etc

But when everyone uses the same core technologies it should be obvious that the people who supplies that tech has a clear edge compared to the ones buying it.

But im really happy that we can finally talk more open about it.
And i really dont want to act like some knowitall, im here to learn and appreciate the vast diversity of knowledge in many fields that this place provides…


Agree. Kinda like the baker who knows and controls the ingredients in the goods produced.

Good analogy, here we usually joke about skipping the white sauce when buying a kebab hehe.

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Those guys from the Free Peoples Movement are hardcore truth seekers, a like a lot their material. Thanks for the post.

I´m very interested in that material that didn´t get any traction before.
Where can i find it?

Also, in the conspiracy space, the more advanced you reach in the real logistics of what is happening, the less you will find people either interested in, or capable of, understanding the relevance of the information you are supplying.

Never cease searching for the ones capable of, because they exist, and they are searchig exactly for you.

I beleive this was one of the threads where i started…

Now i dont want to come of as negative, and i actually thrive on pushback.
But if you read it then you might see alot of people just dismissing what i shared becauce imo they hadnt heard about it before.

But also its only natural it took some time to digest the narrative.
I had to piece things up and slowly share more stuff about the vast connections etc.
So it was most likely the best outcome that it took some time and effort to get it going.

And im very grateful that Doc has let me spam this forum for so long.
Almost all my posts are about similar topics, i try to not make to many new threads.
But still the mods have let me go on and i really appreciate that.

I usually want people to prove me wrong, of course i have my own beliefs.
But in general i think that my pov is quite plastic.
I rarely feel certain about much outside of my belief in my own ability.

Im a introverted person outside of the internet, maybe becauce i dont have that many people who wants to talk about important things.
At least in my country most people are very self centered.
Normal people usually talk about themselves or imo pointless things like fake politics or sports etc.

Im not judging anyone though, its just that usually those things dont interest me.

Exception being martial arts which is my biggest passion together with seeking truth in various fields.

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Very interesting thread, you asked the same question that i started asking myself only in 2022, who the rothschilds obey? There must be something who rules them.

This is the mark of a Strong Soul. Pushback, criticism, even ad hominem attacks and public humiliation are very good stimulants for the real seeker of truth. I thrive a lot in all of them.

The things that you said, i´m aware of the wallenbergs, a very interesting angle, but there is a circle above them, who rules even them. Have you found it?

It´s the same in every coutry, city and neighborhood brother, here in brazil there is no difference. We need to build a small contry of Conspiracy Cientists, where we can both work and have fun, talking about the plot to destroy humanity, while we can find interesting persons to build a family and have children, because there just to little of us in the world, and we are very far apart of one another.

A country where radical search for the most truthful truths is the sole aim, the sole law, and the sole culture.

From my understanding they have partially been dealt with.
And what we are watching is mostly orchestrated to expose what they have been doing.

The issue of the power vacuum is most likely the biggest issue humanity will face.
I beleive parts of their network like the Chinese deepstate faction and others are fighting hard to take over the global control grid ATM.

But i also beleive that there had to be some form of plan to deal with what comes after you remove the head of the hydra, becauce you dont want new heads poping up etc.

I can only see what we all have avaiable online, could probably start digging on darknet for more hardcore leaks etc.
But going on that place is a good way to get some serious heat on you.
So not flippin that rock if i really dont have to.

Also finding anyone above W is hard without going into very speculative discussions.
Like of world or underground societies with people who dont exist on papper or even the non human theories.
But since those people dont exist on any records its impossible to verify if they actually are real.

Like the whole X-share vs X-protect narrative that DJ talks about.
Very interesting but we can only speculate or take someones word for it.

Hopefully if this War against the deepstate actually ends with humanists winning, then alot of their hidden infrastructure gets open to the public.

Maybe it could serve as a museum to remind us how wrong things could have gone.