The US Army's laser weapon platoon will be ready next month

Laser platoon…kind of…well😏

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Phasers set to kill

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The real reason why they are land based, for now.


History of mankind in a nutshell: war, war, war… never ending war.

Actually, most folks detest wars, and killing other folks especially those were involved in a war. If you believe ancient manuscripts, it was the Nephilim who came to the Earth, and taught mankind the ‘art of war’.


Yes unfortunately and unfortunately true.
But because of these and similar developments throughout the history of mankind, the following hypothetical question can be posed:

  1. What if we as a human species are not created for peace, and coexistence, but on the contrary for violence, aggression and war?:thinking:
    I think there was one such episode in The Twilight Zone that addressed this very question.
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