This is very personal but i want to share it

Now in the last month of 2021 I am worried what is going to happen to me in 2022. I cannot look far into the future anymore. My ambitions, my dearms came to stop this year.
Am i going to loose my house? Is the government going to lock me up? Am i still able to buy food? Or are they going to strap me down and with force stick a needle in my body.?

My childhood was not so great. I learned from a young age that my body is not my body. That is what happens when you are being molested.
I grew up with two mantras. This was told to me thousands of times.
The first was. Your body is not yours, you do not even own your butt, you are mine.
The second that one came later. There is no god. I am god.
It was years of hard work to give my childhood a place, I had to learn that my body is mine. For most people that is just a given. But not for me.
I am the custodian. Nobody owns my body. Nobody without my concent is allowed to do anything to it. My body is my temple and after years of hard work i have installed personal inner watchdogs in front of it. Nobody is allowed in without concent.
I am horrified what the government wants to do to my body, stick a needle in my arm and inject something against my will.

I am not a child anymore, I am not a victim. I am a fighter and I am going to fight this. Till death if need be.


I’ve experienced the same phenomena. Last year I lost my ability to clearly visualize a future for myself. I was twenty nine and the disappearance of my ability to visualize convinced me that I wasn’t going to see thirty.
I am thirty now. The people doing this stuff to us want us to be demoralized. If we stay strong and weather this, and grow around it, we will make it out. Don’t give into the spirit of fear.

I’m right there with you. I’m not going to sit back and allow any of the satanic globalist plan to come to fruition in my life. I will not quit my job, they will have to fire me. I will not become destitute, I will find every avenue open to me to support myself. I will never get a QR code, even if it means they take my healthcare away. I will not starve, even if they take my ability to shop away. They can take the roof over my head away, I’ll be homeless if I have to. They will never inject me, they’ll have to kill me first. I’ve chosen my path. Nothing will stop me from walking it.

You sound like a very strong person, and you are not as alone as they would have you believe. I have faith you will make it through this. Keep fighting the good fight.


Sad to hear your experience Ellie!

But first of All: You said it already yourself: You are not a child anymore!

You are now big & you know exactly what you do want! This is most important!

The second important thing you also said already yourself: You are a fighter & more important!
You are in a figthing modus!

We All do not know what will happen, things look not good!

Short explanation/update about me, (to tell you that you are not alone in this bad situation)

I live in Germany, here is already a grey/cold winter since 1 month, this german “politic” puppet psychopaths want a mandatory vaccination in all the land, and I guess I have soon no choice than to be vaccinated, because also ALL surroundings pressure to get vaccinated is immense!

It is pretty hard to not take the vaccine here in Germany, so I guess soon I have no other choice than to take this s…t, because soon I can do NOTHING & have only fights with family,friends & my job people!
But I also told my family, even when I takt the vacine, I will NOT TAKE ANY FKIN BOOSTER, NO MATTER WHAT HELL BREAKS ON THS WORLD!
But sure I still fight not to get vaccinated but things get really nasty!

So I actually think to leave Germany as soon as possible, because Germany & Germans are very specially gifted to Fascist systems & Führers & they love to OBEY (so Nothing new when you consider History)!

I hate To Obey & I hate authorities! So for me I made my mind, I will leave Germany! But since I have a job still & need to gather some money, so I can only be able to leave in 12-18 months at the earliest!

I have huge Faith in God (why, well that’s another story & would take too long to explain here),
that’s why I think I will make my plans to have a plan B to leave Germany (I am already doing research where to go, could be some country in Africa), when things will get worse in Germany (what I expect to be).
I figth like mad not to get vaccinated, but even so when I take this Posion, still I will put my Faith in God! I have no Fear!

And to come back to you!

I can only give you 2 advices! Do Not be Afraid! And have Faith in God!
And the other important statements you already said yourself!
You are no Child anymore! AND YOU ARE IN A FIGHTING MODUS!

As I am!
The funny thing is, that this Psychopaths think they are the only ones who can fight nasty & fight dirty!
They have no clue how much really really nasty ENEMIES THEY ALREADY MADE IN THE LAST (ESPECIALLY 2 YEARS)!


Stay strong, Ellie!

Like Spacespeare said, the evil people behind this want us to be totally demoralized. I keep telling myself, if I let myself get demoralized, they have already won. Then I think, no matter what they do, I won’t give them the satisfaction of demoralizing me.


I think we have to be patient and try to hold on through the winter months. That is what I am trying to do here in New England. My entire immediate family has been jabbed and I have had to come to grips with the fact that I may be raising my 4 year old grandson alone in the future.

But it is my experience that God has always given me what I need. I know this will not change. Prayer is so powerful. If we can make it through the winter months things maybe very different in the spring. I believe the world is starting to become aware that they have all been had.

Please don’t give into your fear. We can’t give up hope. And we can’t plan our lives based on what we knew of life before the planscandemic. We have to find new ways, new things that fulfill and sustain us. We can do this.

What I would love to do it sponsor you folks and bring you here. But we don’t know what will happen in the blue state I live in either. But I trust in our Creator. He loves us. I believe we will have what we need.


@ kathmandu Perfectly stated. I agree with everything you said. @Ellie Please stay strong, your strength inspires me to stay in the fight. My thoughts and prayers are with you,


In Dark Ages we dwell.

Bad childhood told me not to hope too much.
I grew up with the idea that the current society can only collapse.

But now we are heading strait to totalitarism (again), and that is worse than expected.
Wanna-be antifascists and anti-system folks are blind and refuse to hear anything.
It seems to me, most people want to see more evil and suffering to open their eyes.

And some will follow all mad “sacrifies” not to wake up from their anxiety:
Prof. Mattias Desmet explains “mass formation” in his interviews, worth listening.
He thinks it can not last too long because of its self-destructive dynamic.
Another few months or yet some more years?


The hardest thing to realize in childhood was to realize adults lie and when historical events as presented were questionable. Then the work began to unravel everything, never to end. Wonderful world, glad to be here as a witness.




to the discourse “language” bot: efff you.


I am hopeful that 2022 may be a better year than the past after these past two years of hell.

About the concept of “ownership,” have been starting to realize how heavy the psychosis is of this with so many people in western and eastern cultures both. In just common language people often if not always talk about “their,” or “my” family as if they really belonged to them this is so barbaric when will this stop?

I was lucky to not be physically abused in my childhood but the psychological abuse I’m dealing with now can be more difficult to prosecute the perpetrators for because the laws are more difficult to define and understand than when there is a clear physical crime that occurred.

The family I was born into I always thought of them as good people but the past couple years I’ve started to seriously question if that is true. I think they are the victims as are so many others about buying into the false propaganda narratives, congratulating each-other for getting vaccinated like they just won an award what?

A recent letter from my step-grandmother wrote: “Make the grown-up decision and get vaccinated.” How the hell am I supposed to respond to that?

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