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As this website has a member in Estonia who is a regular participant in our vidchats, this story shared by E.E. caught my eye, because it concerns Estonia, and wait until you read what it just did! Estonia notifies WHO that it rejects the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations Now, as you…


47 countries and counting by now have rejected this power grab.

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Interesting the mention of sovereign countries and people did not enter the conversation. The discussion centered on not whether the right to tell others what to do, but who gets to do so…,ummm

The use of the word “sovereign” becomes quite interesting once you have gone through the extensive process of divorcing yourself from the corporation, which includes EVERY aspect of it. Ironically, it was suggested that I was an enemy of the state with my move to State National when, in fact, it is the corporation (federal, state, and municipal) that is clearly the enemy of the people. This is INTERNATIONAL.


I wish you lived in the house next door! (Pacific Palisades, CA) I would learn a lot from you and have a good friend. You, Alicia, and Margaret are the main reasons to visit this censored “forum”. There are a couple of others but they are not at anywhere near the same level as you guys.


Perhaps they’re going to have a vote; on late night Christmas Eve, where a majority could pass it.
[That majority would; of course, be in single digits]

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Even when the WHO’s own committee voted 9-6 to NOT declare monkeypox a pandemic Tedros cast the “TIE BREAKING” vote and it was declared a pandemic.

That is not an organization that is worth dealing with.