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Hi everyone. Many of you have been asking how my cardio rehab is going. I just had a follow-up appointment with my cardio-nurse practitioner, and she informed me my next visit does not have to be until October, and that my heart function or pumping efficiency number is back up in the “normal” range, Deo…


Such good news! Thanks for the updates on both your progress and Shiloh’s.


This is wonderful news, so very happy for you! Would you kindly share the type of Rife machine which you’d mentioned (with a link) please? Many thanks in advance.

Great news to hear Dr. Farrell!

I never passed an echocardiogram until I found a German herbal formula that many doctors there had recommended. I take the following 6 herbs daily though I added a 7th. They are garlic, cayenne, Bilberry extract, Hawthorn Berry, Milk Thistle and Ginkgo Biloba. I take cayenne in a capsule as it is too hot for me to sprinkle on my food. I eat raw, diced garlic twice a day with food. I recently added Black Currant capsules to my daily regime. I have passed echo tests. My heart has improved without drugs. Doctors so not want to hear the list of herbs I take.


Hot pepper in capsules have over decades proven excellent heart benefits.

You might want to check out TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) The stuff that has a 5,000 track record. Some of those herbs are considered ‘hot’ herbs. Hope that helps.


I am sticking with Praise God for answered prayers.

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I hardly have time to participate on the website, this is great news glad you are doing better Dr. Farrell.

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Greetings Joseph, I am nor doc nor tried CBD as atherosclerosis remedy (standardized dosage issue) but if not else You will boost Your immunity naturally …

also spiritual attacks can bring hearth pain, So do invest some more time in Consecrated Inchurched Life if Orthodox Christian … invoking Grace is also doable by charity work eg. open smart debate about the homeless in usA [1][1][1] yet be aware that hanging on fakebook even eforums You are open to all energy from those present here there, in my humble opinion if You have serious cardiovascular problem its better to evaporate from here and leave the forum to be moderated by some friend who have spare energy for draining …

Christ Among Us … And With You … Always Look Towards Blissful Eternity …