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Finally, JPF on DJ show. At least once a month is not enough. It was nice to hear that dr. Farrell is a fan of the Frasier sitcom, and it was just astounding to me that I have never before noticed the meaning and importance of John Glenn visit on that show even thou, I am a “psychofan” of Frasier.

“The March 2001 episode “Docu.Drama” pitted Roz (Peri Gilpin) against Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) during a radio show about outer space. After Roz takes control of the show, she kicks Frasier out and brings Glenn on as a cohost. Frasier is one step ahead and uses Glenn to get his ideas on the show, but ultimately the joke’s on both Roz and Frasier. As the pair fight, Glenn jumps on the mic and spouts off the “truth” about UFO sightings and what really goes on in NASA. Though in the end, he asks for the tape, hoping no one actually heard his monologue”

Another thing with that show. I don’t know if you remember guys that writer of the show David Angell perished in one of the planes on 911.
Accident? maybe but maybe he had a longer and more “fruitful” conversation with John Glenn and new too much?


Did Astronaut John Glenn ever take heat for that show or did he get away with the truth rant?

I am pretty sure he protected himself the best way possible including blackmail in case of his premature demise :wink:

Part of book from Jan Kristek, i think it is well said:

Explaining that the reason for this secrecy is to prevent panic or fear of culture shock, etc., does not stand in the slightest.
The claim that the publication of the truth could cause panic is psychologically, or, so to speak, “physically” nonsense. Panic is caused by the energy that people expend from themselves. And they expend energy from themselves when they consider someone (or something) to be more than he (or it) really is, whether in a positive or negative sense. Thus, truth and panic cannot be triggered by true information, but, on the contrary, are caused by the spread of false or incomplete or otherwise inadequate news.

And these psychological laws were already known at that time.
For example, in the event of a UFO shipwreck in Svalbard in mid-June 1952, the Norwegian government intended to inform the public, as “an incorrect secrecy policy could one day only cause panic”. The Norwegians would have published the final report, which was completed in the summer of 1954, if the United States had not prevented them from doing so immediately.
In 1961, General L. M. Chassin (French), then NATO’s air defense coordinator, even said:
“We must do our utmost to ensure that conspiratorial concealment cannot suppress reports of phenomena of the utmost importance, as this would have consequences that could be unpredictable for the human race.”
It is written similarly in the American Firefighters’ Handbook by William M. Kramer and Charles W. Bahme:
“Nothing leads to rumors and panic as easily as ignorance.”
And further in the same book:
“Truth is the best way to deal with the unknown.”
We can also mention what the well-known psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung wrote directly on this topic:
"To prevent such a crisis, decision-makers should not be reluctant to educate the public as quickly and thoroughly as possible and, above all, to put an end to childish secrecy and suggestive allusions. Instead, they are as fantastic as lying journalism - the best preparation for panic and psychological epidemics! "

In this light, however, even the most secret documents of Operation Majestic 12, in which panic is still being talked about over time, do not look like documents intended for the most dedicated. Why should the most consecrated be deliberately deceived?
So if a crashed UFO was classified “two degrees higher than a hydrogen bomb,” either the Americans (except the firefighters) knew nothing about psychology, or the methods of psychological warfare had an even higher classification, so their knowledge was concealed in such secret documents. .

The goal of secrecy is fear and panic!

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I think power-hungry control freaks, like those who run most of the planet, have a pathological craving for control of everything. This includes control of information. They probably believe, rightly or wrongly, that concealing the truth increases their power. But for sure, secrecy gives them the power to create fear and panic, which they just love doing when it suits them.


it is indeed, well said, many times, many places

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light; and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.”

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