M.D. shared the following article about Sweden’s recent suspension of the Moderna injections for younger people (read it carefully): Sweden suspends Moderna vaccine for those 30 and under And W.G. shared this article about Taiwan and the injections: More deaths from vaccinations than from Covid-19 in Taiwan


well, after the damage is mostly done, it is like singing sarcasm in parts. and it is just getting clear - to them - that this thing is very dark.
my little wife is a dermatologist. ladies come to her after 2 doses of Pfizer. they suffer from man-like hair loss. its the hair loss of the vertex, the crown of the head. which is directly connected energetically to your reproductive energies.
most of the little and mature ladies will never be able to bear a child, anymore unless not paying some veeery special and expensive treatment. all the spike proteins got into their ovaries and changed ‘some things’.
we really not assessed the mounting damage this bioweapon did unto our communities. and ‘the harder they fall’. buckle up, the worse is still coming.


Usually, this is where I post a link to “Capital Punishment for Doctors and Health Administrators”, however, I retract my stone throwing and now call for prayers and protection for all.

This is a living nightmare.

The vaccine is the virus.


I have loved ones who took the jab.
God forbid anything happens to them but I doubt they’d ever make the connection.


And for their next trick!!! …. Sure feels like a series of setbacks within a cycle of phases a total psyop. Like Noooooooooo, I don’t vote. See I’m not a democrat, a huge swath of America is not American, and is in fact Unamerican, a huge swath of voters are intellectually challenged, a huge swath emotionally disturbed. Most university experts are wrong in their observations and predictions especially polysci, what makes any Jack think the average Joe is more capable of making correct choices than a highly educated computerized math or philosophy grad. Most zombies and it’s enough voters to determine the outcome of most elections, do not actually vote for what they want. Most candidates lie, voting for a party is vague, that’s what got us here!!! You moron!! Into this mess. Recent work investigating initiatives folks vote on here finds that the ads, don’t align with the legal verbiage, the voters are voting for something the referendum doesn’t intend to do, the real affect of the initiative is occulted in over 50% of the time. Voters understanding of complex referendums is flawed and votes are 180 degrees awry in 15-25% of the voters interviewed where they voted the exact opposite of the view they hold out of confusion, chaos and exhaustion combined with poor schooling and poor grasp of English, places like Cali the vote is not representative of the voters intentions!!! And that’s just a small % of the fraud as we examine mail in ballots and electronic voting and tabulating, what are we talking about? You drink it!! Willis!!

and will be worse Peter.
they are past the ridiculing part, now starts denial, and after all of us will be needed to console them to ‘carry’ them whatever that means.
these strange incidences of doctors suiciding themselves are the tip that sinks the Titanic. but more sinister things will come out with the nano-devil inside your head.

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The graphene oxide creating circuitry under 5G frequency has been viewed experimentally. It supposedly acts like small razor blades hence also a direct link to the type of myocarditis being seen attributed to the shots. The “clots” are not blood clots, but graphene material clots. I believe if you survive the injections, the more sophisticated agenda is to control through the graphene via 5G. This was apparently successful in animal studies.

and the worst nightmares will come true.

Protect the money makers.
Eliminate those who are now collecting from the State.
Injections by some State cost calculus?

How else to eliminate the welfare state, especially making additional shots available to the most vulnerable?

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Am I seeing this right Dr. Farrell? Both articles are from 2021?

I’m confused, time to go to bed🙂