Our thanks to K.M., L.G.L.R., E.G. (for spotting the article from Dr. Thomas Sowell), V.T., T.M., and B.H. This story continues to grow…: Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid! …and so do the denials: The truth about Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian ‘bio labs’ Russia Is Lying About Evidence of…

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So I’m laying here motionless on account of my joints feeling dead. Probably kidney failure which is right round the corner. Never sleep again, but damn if the British didn’t invade me from 5 regions in my sleep. Over coming napoleon it was certain we’d be next. You can’t seige the US were a gigantic farm too large for that nonsense. You can burn our capitol no biggie meaningless. In Europe the crowns are handed over, in Washington you get a box of cherries, when in season they’re world class but man cannot live on cherries and Englishmen can’t sleep here comfortably while scalps are being carved off their bloody heads. The future of war and the future human, this new guy, with a band of international origin never before seen instruments and tunes a whole new breed a mixed up open minded confused moron of a man. So difficult to pin down, wild,. Uncontrollable dangerous and a lying sneaky murderer. The American, inventing jazz, country, funk, rock, rockabilly insane new stuff not sitting well with the prudish. We sneak in and use the dark, how can we see in the dark? They cannot. Good luck as the Americans had little time in N’oleans to prepare, yet the facts remain. England defeated the world. 200,000 troops but shifting them to the US and attacking from every direction, yielded nothing…let it sink in…UK would need a million troops permanently stationed over here lol lol lol they can’t afford that, the payments are due on the crap they already spent, so they the British can’t defeat the moron American …… bombed us burned us attacked us got nothing, the US gets z Louisiana territory lol and the Great Lakes so the natives lose big time, the British get nothing. They feel victorious somehow? They get to keep Canada ?? So it’s a victory lol lol lol lol, Canada says they win but they got nothing. They already had England controlling them, that’s a big zero. England humiliated the world changed and turned into todays mess. No wonder this war is forgotten. The losers wrote the story.

Once again Barndolino: I have banned you twice. You are not welcome at this website. Please LEAVE.

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