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The article about miracle drug for Alzheimer’s, coming from big pharma, never gonna happen. They are in a business of sickness not healing.

About so-called “Polish revisionism”, the report comes from

“The director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, reportedly told Russian state-controlled media outlet RIA Novosti that leaders in Poland intend to hold referendums in western Ukraine to justify its claims to Ukrainian lands”

This is a desperate attempt of soviet style Russian propaganda to justify their atrocious invasion of the Ukraine.

There is not enough Poles in Tarnopol, Stanislavov and Lvov voivodeship, to vote in referendum, and make a difference. A lot of them were displaced, or killed by Hapsburgs, Stalin and Yalta. treaty. So, the whole thing is quite preposterous.


Media, A nuclear war has started?
I’m more concerned w/a stolen nuke, used somewhere in America;
by the same crew who did 9/11 and killed JFK.
They could blame it on?
What’s the name of that nation that’s “they” blame everything on?
They could do it here.
Or, do it in the Ukraine.
Or, Poland?
But wait. They already ran a small trial balloon on that.
Well, it was actually a missile.

And if the media did run w/a nuke war?
Would more than 25% believe it?
I mean, I know that’s a very high percentage, but “they” might think its low.
It would be interesting if the USSA public is as skeptical of the USSA government,
as the rest of the world.
Well, again, the USSA citizens, are in the USSA; so, it’s unfair.
Obviously, the USSA citizens are more skeptical of their own government,
than say Russia?
I mean, what country is not agreement capable?
What country shot there own reserve currency in the foot?
Rant finished.


They know that a significant majority will run to their doctor begging for the miracle A&D cure when it is announced… and naturally without any care whatsoever for clinical testing, side effects etcetera etcetera etcetera
As for the skeptics,they will probably catch many of them too, as anybody who has witnessed family members suffering from this most wretched condition would possibly be more inclined to make this choice on behalf of a loved one rather than watch the continuing slow motion car crash condition pursue its inevitable course

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AD is an inflammatory disease, with multitudes of etiologies, no single chemical pill will solve a problem. The new one may take a dent in the course of disease, won’t cure it.