Tirion Is That Game of Thrones?

Or some other reference. (lol) @Tirion

Sounds like a good seat!

So this is working pretty well. I’m looking at replacing the chat servers Members use for vidchats with better stuff. We’ve been using these fairly open ones long enough and they’re full of spammers or have outages. I WAS about to launch a chat server, which I could do. But I’m going to look first at how we might integrate the forum live update feature and use a special group for chat.


That sounds like a very worthwhile upgrade :slight_smile:

Well thanks for this help. @justawhoaman I got it handled. @Tirion was around. Thank you both :slight_smile:

BTW, can I mention that so far i’m finding it quite difficult to read threads. It’s hard to work out who’s replying to which comment

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You’re welcome. Happy to help 🙇‍♂️

I’m new to this format too. But I’m sure it will evolve. We’re still in the experimental wrapper stage. I still think, compared to the old forum, this is light years ahead. That old platform is from 20 years ago :slight_smile:

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Yes, agreed, it’s a big improvement. Thanks again for everything you’re doing. This is such a special community!

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more like from 400years ago with it’s random automatic deletion of posts and links.