TONIGHT - Gigi Young: The Alien UFO Deception & Atlantis Automatons Revealed!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Y’all have fun!

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Gigi must be taking a long time touching up her make-up and hair. Fashionably late.
I’m not going to be late for the corned beef, cabbage & potatoes.


It’s a premier of an already recorded interview, seemed like there was a problem with this but is starting now.

I am a big supporter of DJ, absolutely. Miss Young seems a little flaky to me, but at least she states that her comments are only her opinions. I’ll try to listen to this later and see how much I can take. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows?

Part of her professional practice is literally entirely focused on not taking oneself too seriously, she’s explained a few times that to do so stops any hope of awakening to higher dimensional understandings.

This does come across to many people as flakiness, this interview was a strange one not a lot of useful information I can use to move my life forward with right now at least so far that I’ve been able to figure out.

I’m sorry, I have trouble taking anyone seriously named Gigi.

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Yeah that is an unusual name, I used to think that was her real name but turns out that is just an alias no one knows what her real name is apparently that’s classified.

Might want to read her book once that’s published, she mentioned she wrote a book years ago when a publisher offered her a book deal, but then after she wrote it she decided to not publish that yet because the publisher she was working with didn’t even understand what she was talking about. That might also be classified don’t know if I wasn’t supposed to say that here maybe that should be redacted too.

I’ve had my fill of esoteric “secret knowledge”.

She’s a former model. I tracked down some photos a few years back because I was both curious and skeptical about her…That in itself doesn’t disqualify her, it’s just all I could ascertain…


now, that me squirm bro’…

Right she was doing that in Japan when then she got a phone call from the Pleiades star system about a work opportunity with them instead which turned out to be a better career opportunity.


Now that’s funny @Bahri. :wink:

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Uh, LOL! Yeah, DJ sort of announced that last week. Thanks for posting it. We were doing St. Patty’s. Loved the post about ‘the call’!

I’m way past that point. What exactly is “an intuitive psychic”? The entire human race, perhaps? We all have that.


This did sound similar to a phone call the way she described it I was just saying that as a metaphor:

Mentions other name is “Selenaha”

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