Tron Legacy Soundtrack - Daft punk (orchestral)

Curious if any of the classical music experts in here (of which there are many) have listened to the full complete edition of Daft Punks Tron Legacy soundtrack?

I enjoy classical music, and will continue to study and listen to the many pieces suggested here but am certainly no expert. Amateur at best.

This Tron Legacy OST is majority orchestral (with some electronic/80s synth scattered in, and fusing both together) and I find it absolutely phenomenal. My favorite movie score of all time. I’m curious what more schooled classical music listeners think of the album from a technical and aesthetic stand point. Particularly in regards of the pure orchestral pieces.

It won’t change my love for the album, but I think it’s really worth a listen if you’ve never experienced it.

Any feedback would be great!


Here’s an example of a live orchestra performance of the opening theme.


I don’t claim to be any classical music “expert” either, but I agree this is a great soundtrack I heard this was completed before most of the movie and the producers built most of film scenes off of the songs in this soundratck.

Not sure if that is normal or if soundtracks are usually produced to go with already written scenes.

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Here’s the sheet music for this track in violin:

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That’s awesome man. I actually play guitar. Well should say dabble in guitar, just slowly self taught as a hobby but don’t see me picking a violin up anytime soon. Apparently Daft Punk worked closely with composer “Joseph Trapanese” who has done a lot of scores to get an extra hand for the pure orchestral arrangements.

Def has the daft punk sound though, and live instruments always sound better to me. Including with hip hop beats. Nas performed “illmatic” with the Boston symphony orchestra and it sounded incredible.

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Violin is tough, started classical classes a couple years ago but had some disagreements with teacher so not working with them anymore. They have their own orchestra and very authoritarian European way of teaching that I’m not a fan of, but can be a good place to start learning an instrument. Don’t really want to play in an orchestra plan is to become a street musician.

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One of my best friends was in a similar spot living in Brooklyn playing saxophone for one of the major orchestra groups there but wasn’t feeling it. He loves jazz plus he’s a saxophone genius with playing jazz, off the riff everything is kinda on the fly feeding off your group.

Anyways he left, started playing local night dives in NYC and eventually got picked up to add instrument on bands like the black keys, performing on the today show and stuff. He wasn’t trying to get famous (and he’s not just sometimes on TV in the background playing haha) just if you follow your passion (and you work hard/are unbelievable at it) great things will inevitably come.

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Wow, cool!!

I played clarinet in elementery school but sax is way more awesome.

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