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it’s been a while since we’ve had good news on the Big Pharma/Big Agribusiness front, and we could certainly use some good news. Indeed there has been some, according to this story spotted and shared by M.W. You may recall the previous President of Mexico, Senor Obrador, signed a presidential executive order banning Mon(ster)santo’s pesticide…


When I read things like this and Japan rejecting shipments of vaccines the contrast brings in to focus how little the US Government cares about us.


The US Government is a Corporation which acts as a bank. It does not represent We the People, that is the Republic. The Corporation represents profit, aka greed, and non-existent wealth at the expense of We the People who actually OWN the country, the land, the wealth. We ARE the bank, the Gold they stole in 1933 and redefined us as chattel. They have put brands on us in terms of Social Security Numbers and placed us geographically by zip code 9 numbers (upside down 6’s- the same number of feathers on the Eagle Seal). The Zip, by the way, places you in Washington DC making you an employee of the US government, the ONLY lawful taxiable group. Put brackets around your zip and it nullifies the branding.

Tricks at every juncture.

They, the Corporation are tied to the other corporations, like Dupont, Monsanto (IG Farben), etc. and the likelihood of changing that is zero as long as we continue to support the fraud. For example, Senators are to be chosen at the state level by the legislature, NOT voted into office. By changing the government into a corporation, they are not obligated to the Constitution, only to themselves. Time to read a little history and think about taking back the country PEACEFULLY. It will take all of us… or at least the number that qualifies as a Revolution. We just have to understand what is lawful, use their strategy for US, and use those principles to take control. We don’t have to “own it”- we just have to control it.


So when I mail my check to IRS and put my zip code in brackets on my check, where my name and address is, will they send my my money back. No, it’s not a sarcasm, but serious question?

I caution ANYONE posting here from giving out information which others may interpret as advice, legal or otherwise. The USA as corporation is ONE of these, and people who have tried to act LEGALLY on it have ended up running afoul of the courts. So I ask you, if you believe the government is corrupt and a criminal organization, why would you expect it to observe bracketing your zip code, or not??? Be reasonable and sensible… and for those posting these types of things, be careful of your words and even the appearance of advice…


I agree, Dr. Farrell. I was simply pointing out that bracketing your zip code puts your DOMICILE out of DC but does absolutely NOTHING to cue in or change your status with the for-profit accounting system, aka IRS, for the Treasury. I make no recommendation except to RESEARCH every angle, invest in legal dictionaries to look up every term, including the ones you’ are sure you understand, and determine what route you want to take. The IRS has a purpose for everyone whether they declare themselves in the Public or the Private. You need to look up every form they publish, whether it is online or one you need to order, and read every single set of instructions thoroughly to know how to stay in compliance and utilize the Treasury Department as it was intended.


I know you weren’t giving advice but taken on their own the remarks are open to that construction… one has to be VERY careful to avoid diction that gives that appearance…