U.S. CDC to revamp its structure and change focus after criticisms of its

There’s not enough lipstick on this planet to put on this pig.


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in response the agency was undertaking a series of changes designed to make it more nimble at responding . . . and less focused on publishing fully vetted scientific papers.

Translation: They want the power to issue mandates faster, with even less data to back them up.

[P]lans to modernize the agency include giving the CDC new authority to require states to report data and changes that will allow the CDC to hire staff more quickly and offer more competitive salaries. Both actions will require authorization from Congress.

Oh, sure… let’s hand the CDC even more authority, spend even more money, and give the federal government even more power over the states. If there’s not enough lipstick to pretty up this pig now, just wait till they fatten it up!

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