UAPs - a former US Navy Pilot speaks out

Interesting that you posted a UAP article. Been wondering about what happened to author Peter Levenda, who has, in the last few years, became involved with TTSA and Luis Elizondo. Listened to a 2006 interview with Levenda by Derek and Sharon Gilbert, while Levenda was promoting his Sinister Forces books (very good BTW). In searching for him, found there was little on the net: Levenda’s website in gone, his Wikipedia page just lists his books, etc. Finally found and listened to a resent interview with him on Dreamland done by Whitley Strieber(?). Levenda did not sound like the same guy; the ideas expressed were really out there.

Left me wondering what this UAP/TTSA thing is really about. Know that DJ has had several shows devoted to the issues with TTSA, and there is Von Braunn’s list concerning a future alien OP.

But, seriously, what is really going on? Should be …


I haven’t been following the UFO/UAP story for very long, and I’m unfamiliar with most of the material. But it’s clear to me now that something is going on, and I tend toward the hidden tech/breakaway civilization explanation, rather than greys, nordics, reptilians, etc. That said, I was happy to see this article with so many references to pilots testifying to the reality of the phenomenon. It’s outrageous this is happening and is hidden from the public, when it’s all the trillions stolen from us that has financed whoever it is. Really speaks to the level of power and money that we are dealing with, as the covid psyop has also demonstrated.

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