Uh Folks, Now Arkansas (February, 2024)

Sorry, I felt this warranted a new post–now it is the Quebec wildfires.

Update June 3 08:47 EST:
As usual, the intensities of all fires abates at sunset as reflected in both the infrared signature and comparatively small smoke plumes. “It’e the wind, Sharick! Why do you keep harping (no pun intended) on this?”

I dunno, maybe because the wildfires are getting worse? And the patterns are the same? And the world doesn’t see the technology being deployed against them?

The fires yesterday in Quebec were by far the worst single-day events I have observed to date. In the course of hours, many existing small fires, as well as new ones, erupted into frothing infernos, not so much randomly (as their great distances apart would suggest), but like synchronized swimmers wearing smoking streamers on their arms and legs.

I don’t dismiss the effects of wind on forest fires; they will fan the flames and launch more embers aloft. But having 30-plus volcanic fires more in unison than not, but nearly always in the presence of daytime solar radiation and attending aerosol-based clouds, well, that screams that something more than wind is intensifying these fires. Something unnatural. And if it is unnatural, then it is man-made. And if it is man-made, then it has a purpose.

It is now 09:38 and of course, aerosol clouds with their energy waves present have appeared. The wind is picking up and will and likely change direction, making it harder to fight the fires.

Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be much interest here on Giza about this. I’ve posted about unnatural fires in Mississippi River valley, New Mexico and California with similar response. Perhaps readers (for those who actually read my rants) conclude the black dots are a natural consequence of a naturally burning hot wildfire and Sharick is simply off-base.

Isn’t anyone troubled enough by this onslaught in Canada? This could be Kentucky, the Carolinas or Colorado even today.

Here are Visible and Infrared Image Viewers from NASA that provide latest 4:10 hrs of imagery from the NOAA satellite.


Sharick , thanks for posting this information.

The UBC smoke forecast shows how bad the situation is and it is still early in the fire season.

Whatever the underlying causal factors might be the trend in Canada is to worsening fire seasons.
Below I linked an article to the LA Times in which residents of northern California are labelled as rural climate skeptics and the question is raised as to whether the rest of California should tolerate people continuing to live there.

I would not be surprised if geoengineering is a factor in these big fires and the goal is to kick people out of rural areas and in to 15 minute cities .

Check out Denise in Canada’s video on this topic - scroll down to the video titled the Devil’s in the details


@sunnyboy There is a term, I cannot quite bring to mind, that applies to the type of writing (propaganda piece) found in that LA Times article. A question is posed or a situation presented and the entire article is crafted to lead the reader to one specific conclusion or solution.

Perhaps the authors have some sort of inside knowledge:



Yeah, I remember the Dixie fire; it was massive (nearly a million acres) and had burned to form two areas some 30-plus miles apart.

Unless the geoengineering piece is exposed and halted, the pattern of severe fires will likely continue unhindered, around the world. You said:

I would not be surprised if geoengineering is a factor in these big fires

I am convinced that geoengineering is THE SOLITARY FACTOR in these wildfires as well as ALL the severe weather around the globe for at least the past 20 years. Patterns in Quebec are identical to those on West Coast in '21 and '22. Synchronized, volcanic flare-ups of fires located sometimes hundreds of miles apart in late morning with cool-down overnight… day after day after day. Presence of the same rotating sets of trails and aluminum-laden puffy whites happened then, just as they do today. (Note: Animating the NOAA and NASA image viewers really highlights many of the geoengineering behaviors.)

Your thought about 15-min cities is intriguing. It may explain why nearly all of the intense fires have been in heavily forested areas and versus the cities. I mean, if one has a weapon with this much power, why not burn up cities and infrastructure?

I located the DeniseInCanada article. Thank you, it was informative, albeit most disheartening.


Report today from Greg Reese who is suggesting that militant level arson might be responsible for Quebec forest fires

All Of South Quebec Simultaneously Erupted In Flames?

Map of active priority wildfires across Alberta, BC, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The red dots indicate fires that are out of control


I was with two sets of people today here in Ohio. The first was highly educated, “philanthropic,” (liable to generously donate to local charities) and mostly liberal - they knew the wildfires were causing the smog & strange weather in our area and seemed a bit worried if mystified.

The second was a retired conservative nurse who owns a farm. She knew too but immediately referenced geoengineering as the likely cause for the fires & our weather of no rain for weeks in a normally wet season.


This is clearly a geoengineering. Question is who is doing it?
China, EU or USA. Only these countries have big enough HAARP developments.
My money is on USA, and it’s some kind of retaliation for Canada disloyalty to the program “America First.”

Then of course mabe somebody needed to obfuscate half of the sky over Northern Corridor to cover for UFO and alike?

PS: by te way in my neck of the woods: Connecticut, the smog is so thick and smells like fresh burnt wood, that is absolutely unreal. This thing in Quebec must be so massive, that few realize.


I’m very interested and very concerned! In a previous posting checking on Canadian brothers and sisters, I was more or less told I was stupid. Well, I don’t mind being stupid and really concerned! @sharick @sunnyboy @bluenose

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We don’t think you’re stupid. People are waking up. I just had my oil changed in my car, & customers & the manager started talking Abt the pollution here from wildfires (Columbus Ohio region) and one of the senior techs who’d seen evidence of arson piped up & said how suspicious this all was.

I think it was decided on in the recent meeting between Biden & Trudeau. Both follow WEF guidance.


Many of the fires in Canada this year appear to be arson so far. Not all, that’s for sure. As far as directed energy weapons and/or weather manipulation goes, isn’t this one of the destructive reasons they were constructed in the first place? I’m guessing that large HAARP sytems are easily tracked in that one knows when they’re up and running. In my opinion, DEW weapons are more compact and mobile. How does one prove they are the cause of wildfires? That’s above my pay grade. As for HAARP, great set up for causing lightning. We also can’t forget, that natural fires (lightning) do still exist as well as human caused accidental fires. Fires along railroad traffic caused by sparks between the whells and the rails are far from uncommon. As are pieces of hot brake shoes falling a passing train. Back in my firefighting days, we’d scour the ground looking for pieces of train brake shoes after any fire starting close to a railroad. On one occasion we even found the ‘cap’ off of a commercial truck driveline universal joint at the fire’s point of origin. These are just my speculations.


@sharick has been able to demonstrate the use of aerial spraying as the onset of the manipulated fires, very clear in NOAA satellite photos. While we may have DEW indications on the ground (iPhone recordings) the HAARP and/or local microwave array (waves detected in “cloud patterns”) are also clearly evident in the satellite records. No maybes about these “theories”.


Cloud cover over Quebec has obscured what is happening on the ground the past two days. That said, June 6 imagery (blue image below) set a new record for me; both the number and concentration of infrared black dots (hottest surface temp indication). The smoke plume sizes were impressive, too. What is the proper superlative to mega or uber? That horseshoe area alone was 50-plus miles across and has very likely become one giant burn zone.

My time is short today; I cannot reply to several of the comments made, maybe later.

Again, I separate the start of the fire from the perpetuation of the fire. Whatever technology is being used to make the infernos, the consistent, but not perfect, pattern is that they only burn hot like that in the daytime and they settle down overnight. I think that solar radiation somehow supplies energy. Also, there may be some behaviors that are visible at night, I don’t know. When “candy clouds” appear, the big fires erupt and “generate their own weather.” The feathery antenna vertebrae clouds accompany many, but not all black-dot events.

There was a link to a recent Dutchsinse video and he spoke about fires near volcanoes in Mexico. I saw the fires on NOAA, but am not going to draw any other conclusions. Understand, there seem to be two types of sharick’s black-dot events: (1) Concentrated super wildfires such as those in California and Canada; and (2) Strafing fires that occur over a given area for weeks at a time, e.g., New Madrid, Lake Okeechobee and eastern Kansas prairies. The latter were thousands of brief fires and were mostly attributed to “crop fires.” Then there are one-offs like the Walmart warehouse fire near Indianapolis, Gatlinburg, a San Diego car lot, and many more.

Bottom line for me–black dots, especially sudden ones (on-off) indicate an external energy source. Right this very minute (17:36z) there are some one-off fly-bys in Georgia and Florida.

These were still images at 5-min intervals. The first gray dot appeared at 13:36, peaked as black at 13:46 and was gone by 14:01. I don’t have time to look, but likely a forested area. (Compare that plume with the Canadian ones, eh?) I’ve seen “them” strafe dots all across the south for hours on end, day after day.

I’m waiting for an image of the UN building in the smoke haze. Haven’t found that image yet, but be sure it will be used by Kerry and crew to justify more action.


437 fires? May was one of the driest in Oregon and the rash of wildfires since Antifa made its presence known made many to suspect arson. An interview with a policeman that would have aided any investigation into this was stymied and he was forced to retract his statement. People with lighters next to the highway were reported by many in rural areas. The fires of California were claimed in part, due to smart meters and PG&E’s new infrastructure. Directed Energy Weapons and balls of lightning traveling underground were also reported. See Deborah Tavares’ lectures.


This picture and comment is interesting.

Hi @s_guilbeault

How does your Global Warming theory explain that the forest fires stop at the border? https://t.co/s927S0SvRd pic.twitter.com/GhqLv9JsH3

— Josh Wylie (@JoshWylie14) June 7, 2023

Global Warming is an operation?

Gee, I used to like Harrison Ford.

Link from Twitter sent by a friend living in the west coast province of British Columbia. Ck out the comments.

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Speaking of BC, two fire areas in the northeast just went volcanic. Look at the shadow cast by the plumes. These are immense fires.



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I saw this on the news but the smoke has come to NYC with the Mayor giving some speech or other. Will be interesting to see what the usual Democratic nutjobs will say about this and “climate change”! Another grift if you asked me.

That being said I am from Australia and our last summer was not so bad in terms of bushfires but given we have not had that much rain in the last few months everything is dry, including the rubbish growth. Sadly the Greens (leftist nutcases) have limited controlled burning in winter months to avoid this so now we have this massive backlog. This is interesting as the indigenous Australians have been doing it for thousands of years to control fires and pleaded to respective governments to take their advice - and were ignored. Progressive leftist politicians and do-gooders ignoring the first Australians.

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Scary business about those train brake shoes. With regard to the fires, it’s entirely possible that the fires might start naturally, then, get ‘enhanced’ by some method. Lightning definitely a good starter. Seems a bit odd they’d start at almost the same time and as one poster said, they seem to respect borders. “Exploiting climate issues” might be an understatement.

@catsmeow23 @sharick @sunnyboy
I’m glad you’re alright. I guess, as alright as you can be right now, considering…

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