UK Column News - 29th September 2021

Independent UK Column News broadcasts 3x/wk and is well worth watching, live or archived. Today’s show was especially good with reports from eastern Europe, South Africa, and [The] Ukraine … stories are linked and time-stamped.


A little shaky.
I tried this:


Loved the Zulu’s protesting covid1984 passports in South Africa! [13:20 - 15:50 clicks in]
Shows the ONLY reliable news is being passed mouth to mouth; as traditional print and video are totally censoring out what’s really happening on-the-ground worldwide.
In other words, South African Zulu’s are writ large globally, in regards to total censorship; and only mouth-to-mouth local news, is being able to breach this totalitarian technological shutdown of free presses - all around the world.
Thanks for the link Margaret-W. !