"Unable to access one member video."

Occasionally, a member can’t access the latest vidchat or another member video, but can watch all the other videos fine.

What causes that? 99.9999% of the time, it’s an overactive security tool installed on the user’s system or in the user’s browser—intentionally or not. Security tools are notoriously prone to false positives, and it is essentially blocking something benign. Nothing substantive differentiates those videos technically except how new the latest one is.

Troubleshooting Steps for Your Device: When that problem occurs, of course we can’t know which tool on the member’s system is causing the issue, and our scope of support can’t extend to logging into the member’s device or computer and finding or troubleshooting it. However, on the Giza support page we have provided a guide for eliminating the influence of many 3rd party tools for testing purposes. It is marked “95% of issues solved by this”.

If those steps don’t work: Ultimately, if Support can log into Giza as the user, using the same browser, and access the material in question successfully, and see that other users can also access it (by the number of plays and comments), we’ve successfully isolated the issue to the member’s personal device, which is where our Support scope ends. At that point, the member must solve the issue on their device or consult whoever normally supports that device (e.g. Dell Support if it’s Dell, or whoever is the technical consultant that solves issues the user cannot). Said person could place the device in ‘safe mode’ if it supports that or use a range of techniques to troubleshoot that go beyond our capacity and range of support. User devices are personal, and it’s against our privacy policy for us to intrude into them and access the operating system.

Specific security software: We don’t have information from users who have seen this issue as to which security software in particular may be involved because, to date, no user has shared such information. However, if such info accumulates and we start to see any one tool coming up again and again, we’ll take note of it.