Glad you are feeling better, Ninna! Taking prophylactic doses of alternating Ivermectin and HQ (say every Sunday one or the other) and at the very slightest signs of physical weirdness have warded off any further issues I’ve experienced. Also, the chemtrail spraying cannot be ignored as a means of delivery of a myriad of toxins we breathe in just by going outside, and a very real cause of ‘flu-like’ symptoms. By the way, I should mention that taking a dose of the equine paste is very simple when you watch the following video on dosing, and should be taken with food (in a big spoonful of yogurt works great) as this will distribute it throughout the bloodstream. How to measure ivermectin horse paste doses: simple! - YouTube


Its mercury retrograde…

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So glad you are on the mend, God’s blessings to you Dr. Farrell.


Good Morning Dr. Farrell,
How you feeling? Has your laryngitis improved? Please give us an update when you have the strength.


My family had covid to. We never were formally tested but it was so rampant with my interactions I’m sure it was. My husband never got it, but me and my son got the flu like symptoms, the boy had the upper respiratory, and for me the fatigue was my strongest symptom. It’s hard to say if it was the genuine covid cuz the symptoms were so Noro virus like, but the fatigue was unparalleled so I’m pretty sure it was the C word. At any rate, I think you’re doing what you’re supposed to. I wish I did take zinc magnesium and Vitamin D cuz a supplement is so neccessary when our new gel engineered soil is desperately lacking all three essentials, so much so dog food is more nutritious than the veggies at the grocery store. Reminds me of the woman who told Jesus when questioned she wasn’t Jewish, said, “even the dogs eat the scraps.” Dang I need to reread the NT, I should know that passage accurately but I’m sure you catch my drift.

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The idea may look ridiculous on the first sight, alas that may make some people to abandon it.
The author describes his method with examples on his patients, according to me it is worth reading. He claims that the method can cure most of the diseases (including heart diseases), without paying a penny to anybody. And do you know what ? I think he may be right…

This is very accurate imo, even by Mr. Globologna standards. The best topical medicines for dry skin, psoriasis and other associated malady includes as the main ingredient Urea, which is derived from pig urine on most OTC products. I learned in a survival class I once took that you can drink your own up to three day window before your body can’t filter it out via the kidneys. Speaking of which, a more curious GMA story was highlighted this morning by a man receiving a pig kidney. Kinda harkens back to Odyssey where Odessius had his tribes turned into pigs by a witch on the island of Cerce I think. I might have got the Island wrong, will someone correct me?

Yes, Chan., three times a year.

Hi Vin., the real question must be: Who is the wicked witch( of the[ ?] North) in charge of all these horrors??

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Man I don’t know what I’m gonna do in Thursdays !! I sooooo look forward to getting “truthed” and challenged to think use logic deductive and inductive reasoning etc. without the good Dr. Life sux!!!

Humanized pigs are used for transplants - that’s right chimeras. How many pharmaceuticals and humanized animal transplants can a human get/take before he/she is no longer a human - but a trans human? Oh yes, I forgot mention the machine parts…

Oh two more things: Cha-ching, Cha-Ching to the sorcery- ceutical companies, and of course, when something does not exist in nature (animal/machine human combinations), then the chimeric creature can be patented and owned.

Cyborg = cybernetic organism
Choìrorg = pig organism