ussR and ussA joint space missions?

when I’ve first learnt about joint ussR-ussA space missions apollo20 story [1][1] and possible continuity [1][1][1] I was from start puzzled, but if we know that khazars instigated the bolshevik revolution and since then holding huge grip of soviet system [2][2][2] up until the brake up of ussR by Andropov Doctrine so at least Russia will compact itself and remove “their” infiltration, this is possible logic that til '90s there was joint secrete space program after eventual preliminary JFK Khrushchev deal!?

another issue for such endeavor is that this asks for other than particle physics science which can provide tech far beyond the current known to us in hands of both empires probably harnessed from nazi scientists engaged from both sides! its interesting tho to be grasped why till now intentionally was kept hidden the aether theory in favor of particle physics, that just recently has selfdebunked its standard model [3] and the reason in my opinion is simple [3]

as JFP correctly points its word about public consumption physics vs off the books physcis [4] in the good ontopic last 9th episode of Dirty Secrets ~ Nazi International from (dec.2008/aug.2011) The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes [4][4] so indeed “they” could already running around the moon together till the brake up of ussR tho its possible in time of Eltsin this still to be issue, surely if at all was case that after 2008 and the start of new’cold’war [5] definitely was suspended!? maybe another bonus reason why khazar zionists who earlier hold ussR saw to occupy again Russia by pushing the kissingers anaconda doctrine in rude way [6]


Just a side note. No where has Dr. Farrell described himself as a physicist- although his knowledge in that area is vast [see 4]. He has PhD in patristics.

Thank you for the footnotes. Very nice of you to be so well documented and logical.


yeah but I’ve forgot on the prime apollo’20 footnotes, the post is edited and the links added, tho the second link think is just compilation, dont know if this was the “original” footage it dont starts but gives nice volume suggestion [1]

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joint mission or not, what is strangely catchy from the “mona lisa” body [1] is that has logic why didnt decompose [2][2] … but what I do know from my astral excursions earlier when I was drifting in pagan mode Yes there are such massive ships, are they multidimensional ~ probably, can they materialize here not sure dont know, simply this could be just projection of someones such astral walk, but hm again Ingo and his “whistling” [3][3]​ is somehow pointing to same pattern i.e. we can see them astral but not materially present in this plane!?

one old neighbor of mine with similar astral experiences, tho he was in budist while I was tilting in toltec mysticism, Lord Forgive Us, has interesting point that among other chemtrails are used also for easier detection of ufos [1] altho as I am aware he is stil in pagan mode [2] so to me this assertion is speculative claim yet plausible i.e. Angels as our older brothers are forbidden to present themselves to mankind [3] but that dont means they are not present, suppose lower levels of hierarchy have lesser aetheric substance and possible to have travel tech so would pass through the astral realm where as we know fallen-angels-anathema-to-them wander, the most important point why astral excursions are risk beyond imagination, yet higher hierarchy dont need nor ships nor have physical bodies altho can materialize …

if the producer of the ontopic syfy docu was the man behind the alien autopsy [1][1] then defacto we can say is word for predictive programing by projection from someones astral excursions! is the same also behind the yt footage most probably tho how is thrown in public and how is examined almost looks convincing [2] for the untrained eye in the psyop possibilities of the neopagan’euroatlantic’determinists which for long time work on the idea to use alien disclosure so would bring new’world’order!

So dont know what to say about the apollo’20’story, nor about the uk’hacker nonterestrial pilot list, except that both could be very well pieces of the euroatlantic determinists shock&awe scenario for embracing transhumanism along technocracy through the ufo’alien’hype, yeah aliens “they” are as possessed elites, altho entities which from astral perspective are real but when communicating with humans in my opinion without any doubt in most of the cases word for demons-anathema-to-them, think even with Tesla that was case to some extent through his clarity visions I’ll say with every astral seeker who will learn something but what in essence will be misused by the blind possessed elites hm would ww-I be so devastating if wasnt this case, simply Angels as I’ve pointed cant interfere in our free will so easily as demons-anathema-to-them are trying!

in essence such entities were for sure educating nazis through “their” vril mediums how to chase “alien” tech what later essentially through allen’dulles&co end up as research in usA [3][3] normally further employed as experimenting by usaf and nasa while for the later even with claims that reached scientological level as result [3][3][3] (where soviets late [4] and additionally briefed by khazarian line, what maybe led to mccarthy communist hearings)

the question is when Angels will unravel and intervene on large scale, hm if we know that that is not their prime goal logically so the free will wont be disturbed by whatever way i.e. if by any means we are certain that they are real then what is the award for those who Believe but dont know for granted that the Spiritual World is realm aside that when they are certain its asked from them greater life in feat coz simply every freedom in this respect as knowledge bears also greater responsibility …

so logically first demons-anathema-to-them will pop up “alive” however that is managed with the globalists as neopagan euroatlnatic determinists, and for this there is interesting ontopic assumption for crossing the dimensional barrier of this world that is dividing by Providence this from the spiritual world i.e. (I slipped the link but its going something like this) there will be disclosure and first will appear “race of aliens” which will warn us about another incoming bad aliens but actually those that will appear first and want us will be the bad one … and this somehow has logic from the Angelic perspective i.e. demons-anathema-to-them always are eager to contact us seduce us possess us etc. so its logical “they” first to appear, how, hm it could be in various ways but in all cases in collaboration with out corrupt till dna elites! and we are warned about this in The Bible Revelation that many will be deceived by false miracles, how that will be possible hm m’rna bionic’chimeric’tech comes to mind eg. elites having means to hive us all and use real-vr rear projections later aside that “they” already have “bluebeam” holo tech for frontal projections, in a way euroatlantic determinists as recidives of the neopagan alchemic enlightenment era for sure have prepared stage how to peddle Christians to fall in apostasy, the question is how naive we are to accept demons-anathema-to-them as long lusting and awaiting alien contact!?

back ontopic, I really want to hear what Russian Cosmonauts think about this joint space mission, at least those who miss the opportunity to get spiritually aware [1]

only plausible ontopic argument is that MIR was once joint mission with ESA [1] while ISS with NASA too [1] so why not to assume there was cooperation if indeed there was something on the dark side of the moon what as endeavor would be portrayed as most surreal comic named nazi-comintern egyptologian-nautilus!

another fuzzy support to this thesis would be this could be the prime reason why nasa was using fake footage for the moon [2] i.e. cant release the true one, altho cant explain the fake tech for landing [2] isnt corruption (along ultra propaganda and ultra indebting) one of the most exploited virtue of the euroatlantic determinist [2] most noticeable through “their” plutocratic system [3]

maybe if there was similar “jump room to mars” spin in Russia we could have stretch further this speculation, but as I am aware stil nothing came out at least as similar info, so we will need to assume that this kind of event never happened, at least not that can be factually proven except if this is not also slip by one wikileaks cable [4] but it well can be spy code for whatever mission, anyway if it was rigged et narrative it failed from simple reason there was part of the footage of “mona lisa” autopsy too [5] what if compared to the logic from the 2nd footnotes in the 3rd post above instantly would had have become mash patato when was taken in warm atmosphere [6] what by the earth autopsy glows in the 5th footnote is obvious its case and what others suspect too [6] also the story can be further examined by the 8mm footage i.e. whether will have such tones as film contrast (plus dumped in garbage) comparable to those of the mir station [7][7][7] also further many checking can be found in WilliamR story or how was arranged so would be compelling [8][8]

while posting in another thread and shamefully pointing about eventual moon hoax [1] must admit earlier I was never certain was it or not, simply was thinking that if was fake it was deliberate spin so would not be shared the true pictures from the moon coz whatever reason, yet now seeing with what kind of modules were travelling apolloners I am more and more certain it was hoax …

so would not be dull assertion regarding the 2nd footnotes in the previous post I’ll juice this one with additional points [2] tho seeing the dots on the other pages eg. the twoheaded eagle analogy how is seen as freemsonic conspiracy in Russia instead to explore further why such symbol popped and how is later after the fall of Byzant chased by all potential successors, in my opinion wrongly chase [3] yet I can say that the logic in the 2nd footnote has extra generalization in it, on many things correct as blog undobtly, yet cant blame all that are luciferians as elites or stooges, simply many are manipulated and many just trend poltroons in some event skim or spin of the euroatlantic determinists through the centuries, So is Stanley Kubrick but is this making him “their” devotee or faithful accomplice hm if so he wouldnt make confession movie like eyes wide shut and killed even before its screening as result [4] anyway if someone made this psyop hype of moon touchdown possible that is him so bears part of the blame, yep the gravity of elite decadence hook him nice!

all this boils down to either we are secured by earth barrier plus asteroid belt barrier so nor we nor “others” can penetrate, so its impossible for our bodies to travel beyond this atmosphere easily name it cosmic radiation or pressure etc. alike risks, either we can reach above by technical means in completely different way, hm teleportation as I am aware is stil on level of photon and far from beam me up scotty projections, but hold it down is it possible to cross multidimensionally maybe if one knows where will land, yeah trial&error approach gives “dem” hope!

but again there are barriers and guardians and mostly this is done spiritually, yet some say that it was occurrence as physical manifestation through specific portals, in context it could be said neopagans like teutons were after such possibility [1][1] and now too to big extent “their” utopian cousins again are chasing such spin actually we see continuation of the same “stargate” projecting [2][2][2] I say projecting seen as end goal “their” demons-anathema-to-them to manifest in this world, maybe when saw that that was wrong experimenting now are trying to undo the havoc, but it looks more like predetermined agenda if we know that behind the euroatlantic plutocrats prime pivot are neopagan euroatlantic determinists, the question is how likeminded stooges as sleepers “they” have in Russia and China so would easily spin “their” transhumanist agenda so would throw this world in oblivion [3][3]

now are Russia and usA in eventual join this kind of projection, by all means that would be impossible, especially not now when as head of Russia is Orthodox Christian Leader … most problematic would be how much Grace can he loose now as pooled by ea’determinists geopolitical trap that for Russia is extra dubious to be evaded by calm tactics what regularly was case earlier regards all euroatlantic expansionism, but even now the russian approach was calm if we know for what Russia is capable …

surely many would say nah Christians are holding grip on DC, and yes one such example was Donald Trump but altho independent when surrounded by plutocratic bipartisan enterprise which is tied to the enlightenment stem of freemasons and zionists then what could such Christians do in usA!? potentially much if not extra to expose if not to remove neopagan vibe bursting behind the scenes, but coz constantly defocused by propaganda slips even if he wanted to act more demystifying what about to burst in ventilating mode he simply couldnt, so it is as it is i.e. on political level usA still is hostage to neopagan elites and probably causality plays huge role in this respect, so its question how easily can be rooted out with enlightened constitution in place even all DC was populated by Orthodox Christians!?

its interesting that freemasonic blueprint is allover the apollo program [1][1] but nasa too “The true history of NASA cannot be understood without appreciating not just the influence that these gods of ancient Egypt had on Freemasonry and the other secret societies, but also the corresponding influence that the Freemasons and the other groups had on NASA itself.” [2][2][2]

and alone this gives good notion how fake could be such joint space mission, at least not before or after JFK who saw such moment as defocusing pivot from rand alike mad groups and scenarios, yet in my humble opinion such are just freemasonic extension i.e. public arms of those in real power, altho even freemasonry is level below rosicrucian alchemists, and was possible such to get together with atheists like soviets think not, even tho freemasons or earlier their esoteria were infesting since romantism in Russia yet never made secure grip as in usA, somehow we all have luck as Christians coz this circumstance … still it would be too offtopic to stretch further this point here so will leave it on these assertions!

in all this we need just recent reasoning about portal possibilities and we can rest assure that like that if not earlier now if not usA “others” can jump in in our realm [1][1] and as consequence having at disposal “others” tech! but I can only assume that haarp alike tech among other is used for such scalar tunneling, altho things of this kind nature can already be earlier happening where our barrier is most weak on the poles, yet now potentially fully operational on whole atmosphere, and in this context I can just guess what kind metaphysics is also in place coz different densities of different dimensions can produce different coherency or consistency alone for us or “them” thus simplistic understanding of the “cosmic” space travel to me is less and less probable!

there is good point by one sister with what we are experimenting when eager to make first contact [2][2][2] so by all means is wrong the conditioning for alien disclosure yet as if someone worked for so long to achieve it [3][3] if its comfort we havent seen joint effort about this! in what times we live we can just hope less people will become prone to transhumanist ideas like m’rna jabs that can if already didnt opened door for greater possessiveness, in which respect Vladimir Putin should get more aware [4] so we would not end up in joint effort for “space missions” ~ awarness that by all means is doable if Russia becomes Tsardom [5] otherwise we will be all on loosen ground and would need to live like early Christian ascetics so would stay free … altho even now many are already open either by full embracement of hedonism mammonism or egoism still having big room for repentance and achieving secure freedom if get Inchurched … how else one to get rid off “these” aliens!?

These are extradimensional beings that have lost their consciousness connection to a ‘god source’ and are utilizing human and other beings as their food source (like a parasite) to live thousands of years [6]