ww-III started in 2008

I’ve shared this point elsewhere too [1] but would like to here opinion from this community too, long story short once Georgia was prepared for entering in nato and the belly of Russia was exposed to kissingers chaining the cold war anaconda doctrine of neocons, Russia literally was provoked to respond outside its borders, altho same provocation was done by the earlier nato enlargement with the eastern european countries but also by the chechen insurrection, yet 2008 was the final pivot for Russia to enter in survival mode and focus on rebuilding its military economy foreign politics, altho this was since ussR an predetermined kgb agenda now known as Andropov Doctrine with all its ups and downs i.e. Russia to contract in its own natural borders so would survive and rebuilt its might …

  • forth and back, indeed for Russia was important step to get close to west so would build steady economic recovery after the contraction and shift from bolshevik marxism to russian capitalism, but as we know the attempt to enter in deal with nato was refused in 2007 [2] and later events lead to tensions culminating 2008, luckily Russia was decisive to protect its geostrategic interests otherwise till now we would had have seen hot phase of this ww-III engagement of usA to encircle Russia from all sides i.e. to finish its positional anaconda doctrine for making from all around Russia own nato satellite, altho if wasnt for the precedent with Kosovo it could not have “tip-for-tap” excuse when earlier entered Georgia or later Ukraine which were final frontier for natos aggressive expansionist ambitions, And hm if nato back then couldnt find will for direct confrontation how can now when is ultra lagging behind with the hypersonic or emf weapons nor the cosmic forces i.e. satellite laser deterrence is far from effective except turbo expensive [3][3] … nor usA tactical nukes are even close in reciprocal number [4] thus the only potential disastrous weapon that usA (had) have was economic one, but as we’ve seen even that failed recently with the last sanctions which in effect fired back!

So I will conclude we should be not near hot phase of ww-III yet the stakes as always are high and it dont take much for wide nuclear war to erupt, per’se that depend on the euroatlantic determinists and “their” neopagan utopian lusts and the probable circumstances for loose ground bellow “their” feet so from fear not to lost “their” current power&control mids west to throw “their” cards on all or nothing ordo’ab’chao scenario!?

Huh I don’t know much about any of that, but 2008 and 2009 were difficult years with the economic collapse.

good remark, I am just not certain by whom 2008 crash was triggered or manufactured, we can open new ontopic thread coz here the same will overburden this one and the prime reason the ea’determinists anaconda doctrine [1]

This explains how the financial crash was caused by banking fraud, Iceland is the only country I know of who arrested any bankers for their crimes that devastated the world.


If you trace the origins of ALL these wars, the banking cartel is at the heart of it.


about '08 economic meltdown (again its better to open new ontopic thread) ~ in my PoHo thread from the 1st footnote in the first post above I am alluding on probable russian intervention day after the nato-delusion push out from Gergia, probable as asymmetric war retaliation or better seen as serious warning that the russian red lines were crossed, yet it would be shallow to assume who was behind it just by timing coz as eventual rigged spin was almost announced earlier [1] yes it could be very well inside job, but also it could be outworldly greeting too ~ simply we live in world that is driven by the spiritual world per’se and if so who would know how Angels are interventing i.e. how we can be sure that some soul in higher position wasnt pushed to execute this or that correct or wrong move (however one sees the events from which perspective) that led to the crash ~ among which one possible is stirred by the greed of the elite [2] but how to explain this to society brainwashed by reductionist humanism on all levels simply many are blind to grasp how Grace works as causality process of Praise and Reward what about to try to figure out methaphysics i.e. how Our Almighty Lord intervene in this world and brakes the wrong causality of the fallen enlightenment reasoning and its vibe upon all world hijacked by indepting manipulation!?

  • altho this could be also seen in context of this current rigged economic crash waiting to happen so would be prepared stage for direct clash between east and west i.e. west needs to get compact as euroatlantic superstate (merger between federal Canada usA and usE) and secure by masrhal laws technocracy what is doable only with some shock&awe scenario that will remove democracy as risk for any instant ww-3 decision making otherwise mids democracy is obligated to constant propaganda manipulation of its public narrative that mids hot phase ww-3 circumstances is far from doable (risks from unobedience or sabotage) So probably in 2008 some faction didnt went along such instant spin and postponed the skim for later when all western citizens would be jabbed coz easier psychotronic manipulation [3][3] so citizens would accept whatever is released from “their” ea’determinists’kitchen, yep just lower directly the vibe in protesters and latter buzz only the most persistent revolt pundits ~ “they live” is good ecranisation in this context!

also another way the '08 crash to be seen is that eventual panic among euroatlantic banksters reached critical point (intentionally or not) coz fear from hot ww-3 and the pressure steamed out in time so the neocon faction that was pushing for direct confrontation with Russia then will loosen, probably the estimates of neocons in 2008 were that Russia is not prepared at the time for wide geopolitical clash so “they” pushed hard, and somehow this makes sense coz since then russians have luck to invest extra in military preparedness and weapon innovation what culminated with the operational hypersonic weapons with which now Russia has advantage in many ways, altho I am not aware if those have emf shield so would operate in all circumstances [4]

here is nice interview of Scott Ritter with dr. Vladimir Kozin Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, Leading Expert of the Center for Military-Political Research at MGIMO University

informative but think ScottR could asked few more questions eg. what VladimirK think about Russia using tactical nukes in Ukraine, I wonder could that pull usA for whatever response!? also in what shape is the nuclear arnament in Russia, or if there is multilevel decision making for executive nuclear activation isnt such hierarchy slow in case Perimeter is activated by accident!?

I don’t know what the definition of “world war three” even is, aren’t we closer to world war 8,000 or something by now?


haha call it euroatlantic neopagan dream for reaching its new’atlantis’utopia if pikes determinism is true [1][1] and if we know from The Bible Revelation that the false’prophet-anathema-to-him will be enthroned in Jerusalem his spin has logic as euroatlantic determinists agenda, so now we shouldnt see the worst turmoil, but how much suffering is enough so we can say now we can rest calmly whatever is happening!? it could very well now everything to enter in the beginning of the last phase of the Apocalypse tho now still not near the Armageddon battle! yet if we know what kind of tribulations are mentioned in The Revelation buckle up it will be more than bumpy road for all of us ahead!

the problem now is that Ukraine has dozen tactical “nukes” - 20 says prof.dr. Momchilo Milinovich in the tv guesting [2][2] that can provoke Russia on prompt or preemtive strike with some from its tactical nuke arsenal [3]

again, that probably will not stir direct confrontation with nato but will move the doomsday clock one second till midnight! think now many things depend from the midterm elections in usA and eventual impeachment of JoeB coz as Kozins says he dont need from anyone second approval for nuking executive order! I can just speculate if he is already full of nanobots [4][5] that bilderborgs can hack him to execute such stupidity after all he is “their” stooge!

Well I don’t recommend saying that to his face.

probably recently we already witnessed on tv how it looks tactical nuke in the Beirut harbor attack [1][1] when ea’determinists hacked the will of China to invest in the port + tried to flush color revolution [2][2][2] it depends from the charge but estimates are in this one 9k people died from the blast!

dont forget the payload matters. it dont need to have fallout yet be devastating [3]

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Good find.
Brings back memories.
What do you think caused this kind of explosion?

A kinetic weapon perhaps?

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Wow. Had no idea glassware decorated Roman tables…hummm

I am projecting how many died there as assertion in the second 1st footnote in my previous post again [1] tho maybe I am reading it wrongly and the speculative count is about 9/11, but it has point around the need of coverup so the revolt would be kept low thus even the casualties in Beirut could be more!?

anyway the point is that we’ve seen such bombs before, the question is how eventual use by Russia will be spinned by ea’determinists and “their” ea’stooges (JoeB&nato) surely “they” will see to use such events for greater polarization coz further western compactness till western superstate!?

while seeing some OC elders visions [1] found two in more close context of this thread, one about the timeframe of this crisis [2] and one about its impact [3] tho there are other that bugs me too how far can stretch [4] altho cant claim all of them are true prophecies so I say visions, coz as I am aware Elders should keep quite and not disturbing the floc but push it on wakefulness and life in feat but hm who am I to say, just know that visions should be taken with great caution coz can be misleading even when are coming from Orthodox Monks [5] except if they carefully examined by few elders and all got the same message and above all if for sharing of that information there is Blessing … yet again who am I to argue, this should be addressed constantly by the Church so people will not fall in prelest if followed some vision and that didnt happen!

there is one cycle theory [1] but what many cant grasp is that the same is tied to causality also, so when euroatlantic determinists are trying to employ it on grand scale if “they” are really doing that then “they” will be wrong again!

maybe this is way more metaphysical info for this topic but noticed the similarities so will throw it in case reach “them” as mirror reflection to “their” neopagan heads!

if the same as pattern some could use it for forecast i.e. one century ago there are events that resemble similar pattern like the current one in case of ww-! (think ww-II is continuation to the same thus can be excluded as piece now) so after the partitioning of Macedonia in 1913 instigated by euroatlantic determinists (through “their” local stooges) the next year 1914 started ww-I not as direct consequence but as causality had have domino effect too and lasted 4 years till 2018, yet the turmoil started 1908 [2] what looks like the events in 2008 and the 2013 color revolution in Ukraine that should had have culminated in 2014 with global war if Yanukovich didnt leave Kiev that year … as if someone have had in mind some pattern momentum on west among the ea-determinists!? isnt this symptomatic for neopagans, dont forget numerology plays huge part in “their” mancies [2] but first of all “they” cant grasp causality and how is firing back when “they” are misusing someones freewill but also that cant project pattern in same way as earlier coz bulk of other reasons among whom moors law too [3][3] simply now the time events are shortened so cant produce similar outcome, but I have feeling “they” are trying to project, yet cant, and probably that is frustrating! maybe 2006 had have also similar approach with the idea for partitioning of Iraq so right after to provoke global turmoil [4] somehow as by steering the right place for anger built up hope will reach “their” chance for ordo’ab’chao again and again as if indeed are following pikes blueprint [5] and knowing that every place has own Guardian Angels by provoking chaos ea-determinists hope will reach better position if succeed to slip envy hatrate and xenophoby for what earlier also arranged right circumstances in romantism as fuse for such spin [6] yet for global turmoil there is need from global hatrate and that is stil not secured in my opinion altho “they” are trying vigorously to pay that card, but one century ago could provoke such pattern coz Russia was extra infiltrated by “their” neopagan trends while now that is not case coz all brainwashed mostly migrated on west so by no means cant sway russians to join “them” in “their” chase for heaven’on’earth! this excludes direct confrontation coz like that noone will keep the head high day after for long, yet knowing how fragmented ea-determinists are only by shock&awe scenario from economic depression compact “themselves” as factions coz fear from decline and isnt someone intentionally pushing that same momentum!? yet on such compacting Russia surely is not and will not stay indifferent, but this is realpolitics, the question is what else can influence the events metaphysically, normally Grace so get Inchurched if want to pause if not to dismantle the transhuman n’w’o agenda!