!IT'S WORSE THAN THEY ARE TELLING YOU. | Hundreds of Millions will starve.!

I respect your belief.
But like I said things are just bad!
My point is that people, farmers in particular, will certainly find a way to survive whatever the “elites” and “nobles” have planned for the future, I mean if something worse.
In my opinion there is no need to spread panic or rather panic ourselves,for that matter.
We humans are still here aren’t we?
That in itself is proof that our ancestors lived through worse times, right?
We will survive also!Whatever they throw at us!

You can take it any way you want it.

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OK. It’s ok!
However, I understand your “rationale”, in the sense that these types of information are needed as well.


Thought of all this the other day when we went to the grocery store. Shelves are full of over priced food.

There are more and more creditable stories that warn of shortages. Its coming. Thinking it is like gasoline; the strategic reserve is being depleted to help Brandon the Dark and his compardies win the mid-terms, even though we must wonder if the decision has been made with or without our vote.

People will become violent if they are starving. The ant and the grasshopper?

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The worst is that we have far more control over weather than the elites will let us know. The jab program hasn’t been that successful so drought (water), food and energy control is what they have left. The chemical spraying has been very successful in creating that 1200 year drought… the ants need to take control of the mound.


People just don’t want to hear it, much less, do it.
Need to Do The Sri Lanka, IMO & keep doing it every time they return.

It will happen- People are just not hungry enough here, YET.

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I agree, but if we wait too long, the losses will be far more enormous, rebuilding much longer & harder… You know the drill. Should have chased their a$$es out long ago. Start at the local level & work up.

Someone who escaped from the city recently, asked about what kind of poison to use on insects eating the leaves on their flowers, and what color flowers they are planting next year. They escaped the city, but don’t seem to get why they might have moved to the country.

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@noname000 when You are not sure what is what maybe prophecies in this context can help, recently I’ve heard for one ontopic vision regards the current turmoil from 2012 but obviously was postponed for 10 years later tho has interesting point like first Pascha will be bloody the next marked by hunger and the one after victorious [1][1][1]

its logical once “their” plandemix failed as attempt for wide chipping with the bionic’chimeric’jabs that there should be rolled next phase for enclosing of the vaxing agenda and what better than to stir hunger through intentionally rigged economic collapse so through food coupons all will be coerced on m’rna jabs, what in essence was stirred with the ukrainian crisis and how was rolled first in time so would be diverted attention from the death stats from the experimental jabs [2] but right after with all next moves like the swift sanctions against Russia to be executed domino effect on the price of all commodities [2][2][2] what along the secured food shortages by intervention in the supply chains around the world would in effect trigger fast stagflation and as consequence prepared stage for introduction of full digital economy as solution for this manufactured crisis, dont mind I am not numbering additional pressure points from secured recession nature like plumbing the russia gas in eU or machinery shortages for the industry etc. alike stimulation for managebale economic crisis, coz last ace in “their” sleeve are banksters derivatives if “they” want hard crash but like that its question whether “they” could control eventual planned outcome, altho have that ace in case “they” are removed from the scene so from side again to try to take control, at least its plausible option mids “their” great’reset’agenda even again loose grip on the p’chair in usA!

must point that accepting modern prophecies as finite in context of timing is wrong, niniveans and Prophet Jonah [3] should be reminder that we can avoid misfortune or at least postpone it, and in this respect noone can be certain what vision how was obtained and whether was in regional or global context, think visions and Prophecies are different things and with Saint John Forerunner Prophets ended while with Saint John Patmos Revelation the true sequence of events finalized as Prophesy for us as Christians … all the rest visions through the centuries are primary so we would be reminded not to loosen or drop in prelest or even worst apostasy, can be taken as motivation for Repentance … in this context and ontopic to this thread it can be seen every famine warning by The Orthodox Elders and Saints even from the past events [3] but if You are faithful dont need to fear but prepare for fasting feats, when if You accept such circumstance as chance for more potent Prayerful Life it will bring then calm and satiated stamina even with little food …

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There are such opinions that things from 2012 have been delayed by about 10 years.
There are also such opinions that the things that were expected in that year have already happened, but we do not know about them.
That is, they are in the buffer zone.
But from what I watch in their Hollywood series or shows, 2024 is now crucial for them somehow, for some reason.

by Repentance we can not just postpone but remove particular bad causality in this world, yet how many people are willing to take that leap and stop living in hate despair or anger mode!?

then again You are right that “they” are reprojecting “their” agendas so nor “their” new’age nor “their” n’w’o narrative would easily collapse plus all as the common people so as the plutocratic elites would be kept in condition even tho “their” agendas again and again failed to unravel effective path towards “their” n’w’o goal!

now regarding eventual famine “they” havent said nothing til now, except sharing fearmongering for future famine circumstances coz global warming so would get as much as possible followers on the green’deal’bandwagon [1][1] but now obviously “they” want to arrange the same scenario as controlled chaos, and this is indeed scary how half of the world population is far from selfsufficient which as such in eventual economic meltdown will jump up by numbers and instantly start revolting what for sure will be used easily so in the euroatlantic realm would be suspended democracy and introduced technocracy! yes hunger is one of the best ways for awakening demons-anathema-to-them if is promoted by surprise, so for “them” this kind of opportunity as euroatlantic determinists will have multilevel benefit suspending democracy coz wide riots but also day after coerce the majority to get jabbed coz food coupons [2] aside that like this will have good opportunity to count all truly obeying citizens to their cause, I mean who in the world would like again an m’rna boost after all that vaxed myocard stats except the blind fans!?

if not directly then indirectly stimulated to it, yet I dont have clear idea whether more suffered the gmo or oldkool crops so would have clear closing point!

after 19th min. in the next video there is good ontopic point “*“they” are willing to pay the prize for chance to experiment with “their” vlf/elf tech … at expense of earth and people *” will say Elana Freeland i.e. that this with the dead crops is due to “chemtrailed aluminum particles as medium for elf manipulation of our biofields and most probably mind-control through brain gates i.e. haarp elf frequencies to gain human mind … (my emphasis along the quote from her book bellow)” altho probably in question is even greater agenda yet I’ll spare this thread and just point to what kind Sentient Matrix is in question [1]

this space age is replacing resource wars and redefines earth as battle space in accordance with the military doctrine of full spectrum dominance … this revolution in military affairs needs an atmospheric medium to assure wireless access to the bodies and brains to everyone anyone on the planet earth ~ from heat seeking missiles to Form Of Mind Control ~ how sinister are these technologies? are we prepared for a global village lockdown … Elana Freeland startling book sifts through transhumanist future that erases through the confusion surrounding chemtrails vs contrails and how extreme weather is being geoingeneered to enrich dissater capitalists and intimidate nations ! deconstruction of Bernard J. Eastlund’s HAARP patent points to other covert agendas, such as a global Smart Grid infrastructure that enables access to every body and brain on Earth, a “Transhumanist” future that erases lines between human and machine, and Nanobiological hybrids armed with microprocessers that infest and harm human bodies.


typo that invites me for another post … lets see, prime points in this thread are starvation and ignorance, for now both sensed only by the most poor on our streets forgotten from whatever reason usually mental illness and addiction along homelessness, such are probably many around the world, and coz living in world bound by causality their current suffering will fire back to all of us at least once to sense their despair so we would repent and start focusing on sharing so in future would avoid misfortune coz there is no other way now to escape our own traps but Mercy either we will understand this or we will be thrown in this by force i.e. if anyhow technocratic socialism unravels ahead and that go from hand of globalists and their wrong transhumanist agenda think that that will be solely coz our love for selfish selforiented individualistic possessivism to have more and more but not to share even what got old from all that we’ve piled as consumeristic slaves, as if someone had have agenda to throw us as Christians for quite a while in such mode so now when that trend reached culmination we are enough stripped collectively from Grace so can be easily peddled even towards transhumanism!? we took the bait way earlier but now bragging how we are not guilty and only evil are the globalists, no take the mirror and look deep in it, think we will find huge beams!

if we took usA for measure how quick how many will drop bellow the poverty line mids hyperinflation that is mindboggling [1] one comfort is some vision that that will last potentially one year [2] for whom how [2] but if people dont get Agrarian mindset even mids cities i.e. having at least hens in backyard or balcony even at home as substitute for domestic parrots for many even after this looming manufactured crisis life wouldnt be easy even they’ll accept to eat worms! good projection how will look such reality is the past from which are not so accustomed anyhow collectively in the past half century especially not the western euroatlantic world while the rest as third world were overcoming all hardships exactly through agrarian selfsufficiency where 50 to 80% of the population was in agro mode , lets Hope the upcoming midterms will lay ground eventual tremendous misfortune will be avoided ahead yet in short or long run we should be at least aware that preparedness is good thing … always … or go with the cricket flow [3][3] and see where will that lead You! if patiently focused on the last footnotes the previous post utopian risks from “their” medium suddenly dont looks weird! So embrace Agrarian and Commune Mindset if want to pass “their” skim of great’reset!

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Well, to make matters even worse, the cretins who feel that sanctioning everything from Russia will somehow hurt, uh, Russia (how is that working?), have now started talking about sanctioning ALUMINUM. What the means is that aluminum won’t be available for CANNED GOODS- ie, FOOD!

Impeach these warmongers NOW before they starve and then kill all of us! IMPEACH ALL OF THEM.


in normal circumstances coz large urban population at the moment through urban gardening state could help and organize many even mids the concrete jungles, the cuban example is most famous such one [1][1][1] but are “they” willing to push such survival preparedness or wait with open arms for this kind of opportunity so would roll out full blown transhimanist technocracy for which dreamed for so long as euroatlantic elites when “they” could not be anyhow threaten by anyone except own elitist factions!?

anyway one good substitute for Corn when Chickens are in question is Kenaf [2][2][2][2] so get some seed reserves in time, it will make Your pains way lesser around feeding and expenditures, simply good protein improvisation eg. in comparison to casava leafs [3][3] and with the high yield ideal even for big improvised farms also useful for beading [4][4][4]

Hunger and poverty as we know it can be solved by introducing kenaf as a human and animal
feed. Kenaf is a fast growing plant that grows up to 20 feet tall. It is in the hibiscus family and
is currently grown mainly for its fiber to make burlap, paper and cloth. However, when the plant
is less than 4 feet tall it is correct to think of kenaf as a vegetable. It has extremely high protein
content – up to 34%. Enviro-inventor Bill Loftus has researched using kenaf as a chicken and
rabbit feed and as a human consumption food – used in salads made from the leaves or boiling it
to make greens.

This high yielding crop can be eaten raw or cooked. Feed kenaf pellets to rabbits and chickens
to create a self-sustaining eco-community. The animal feed can also be sold for income

The process: When kenaf is grown and harvested correctly you get several yields. The first 2 or
3 cuttings are for animal feed or human consumption. As it grows up to 20 feet tall, the leaves
are continuously harvested as animal feed for chickens and rabbits. When it is fully grown, the
farmer gets to sell the kenaf stalk for firewood

Animal Feed: Leaves can be dried and turned into different sized pellets as high protein
feed for rabbits, fish, chickens, and goats.

They ALL need to go to jail!

I saw a note smewhere, that means no more aluminium in the chemtrails!

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if alu gets too expensive coz the recession indeed it will be problem for global wasting by chemtrails, altho “they” can always boost the anthropogenic ingest by vaccines and drugs [1][1] or tetrapack and tin packaging [1][1] even cosmetics [1][1] I am just not sure whether earlier DonaldT executive sign in this context has weight on the price [2] and influenced now this as ABJ says note somewhere …

… what I do know is that Citric Acid can melt it [3][3] altho not sure whether alkalinity of the blood indirectly as boosted by citric acid or alone the citric acid can dissolve it in the organism [3] coz in first place also is boosting the alu absorption digestively [4][4] just like with the zinc in the gut altho later has good boost for the cells [5] stil think after the gut entrance aluminium later logically should be further dissolved by the presence of the citric acid in the body …

what is interesting is that aluminum is poisoning the plants [6][6][6] so its valid question how artificially produced citric acid (here on the pelasgian peninsula famous by the name “limontus”) [7][7][7] can help as “metalocid” sprayed on the crops!? I cant find any study where MCA is researched for this purpose!