Venom technology

VENOM TECHNOLOGY! This might not show the video but here is the link. I used search engine Duckduckgo to access this page which is on David Whitehead’s truth warrior. com website.


@LadyBug Thanks Ladybug. Not sure this is the entire story, but very possible it plays a part in it. What is old is always new again.

I was impressed by the input of David Whitehead and Jonathan Otto in calmly and intelligently introducing the hidden aspects of the entire topic.

Dr. Ardis’ delivery of the information he discovered is losing the heavily dramatic tone begun with Stew Peters maybe helping the cause of at least opening people’s mind to the magnitude of the lies being perpetrated on the world on many fronts.


I also truly wish Dr. Ardis had not started with Stew Peters, but maybe that’s what it takes nowadays to get attention, IDK. Was watching another video that also explains more in depth what venom does in relation to exposure to certain frequencies.

Venom definitely on the list of considerations.


Yeah, interesting how sometimes people first look at the association rather than the substance.

Yes, and the fact that serpent cults and symbology have been and are so prevalent in these secret societies would make this type of “technology” even more alluring to them.

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There are some people who think so.

Have you seen any of these videos?

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