Very good interview about Cog, qfs, devolution and "The plan"

I know many people are very sceptical about Q and the notion that there even is some kind of counter against the deepstate etc.

In this interview they break down many events and highlight facts that together shows a clear picture of how the US military is picking apart the corrupt financial system and making the way to create a new financial system that is not based on debt and corruption.

Try to go in with a open mind and not get triggered by pre conseived notions.

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2 days ago

Cornelia unfiltered- Episode 59- Interview Derek Johnson





  1. Interview with Derek Johnson about US code, military law, US constitution, Pennsylvania and the Wallenberg family out of Sweden. Is Sweden under siege by the US military or why wasn´t the swedish flag on the red caste raised when the four star general Christopher Cavoli was in Sweden selling Patriot?

Derek Johnson documents:

Free People Movement:

Facebook post about the the Wallenberg company structure:

The American Justice Department bribery resolution with Ericsson and Telia:

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Excellent interview Derek Johnson would come across to many as a typical redneck but as you know when he opens his mouth you will need a pen and paper to go look up all he is talking about. Laugh all you want but devolution, COG and the entire Q movement are all very very real and should be closely watched. Lotsa pain ahead especially for Americans as the world dedollarizes.

Yeah i loved the image of him with a cowboy hat and almost surreal wild west hillbilly accent.

But then he spits out very high level and well thought arguments with insane levels of details.

Like he said that if you are sceptical then prove him wrong.
He has obviously done alot of research and is humble enough to learn more if something doesnt make sense.

He is former military who took his oath very seriously and has taken the time to understand military law… maybe not enough to understand WHY the Admiralty flag and law, why my flag has no fringe (I do believe Trump will take our country back to pre-Grant before they gave us away as chattel), but you should take him seriously.

I checked my various emergency radios today so that I can hand them out as needed here. C. Crane Radio is the best. I updated all my battery packages, carriers and antennas two months ago.

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Do you have a model number on the Crane emergency radio. It is one of the few things I still lack… Btw in a national emergency would it not be reasonable to assume that Military would be broadcasting on AM,FM and TV as few will have access to shortwave etc? Thanks

I have 3 models: 1 very small portable battery operated model that fits conveniently in a purse or deep pocket, a CC model 2 that is both plug in and battery capable, and a solar observer that cranks, is battery compatible and also has a place to be plugged in to charge the batteries. They all have similar capabilities but the Model 2 is probably the best if you only want one. I have used the little one on the ranch but the solar observer has proven to be helpful when electric goes out unexpectedly. I have a portable antenna as well to allow better reception in remote areas (which describes where I live!).


Another great episode with a real heavyweight guest.