Vidchat Issues With Live Broadcast

Most of you could see the recent test vidchat fine. The text chat hasn’t changed, of course.

If some people can see the video broadcast and others can’t, it’s going to be either DEVICE-specific, BROWSER-specific, or CONNECTION-specific.

BROWSER SPECIFIC: All normal browsers should work (firefox, chrome, safari) but it is possible that a browser setting or add-on can interfere w. the experience. In that case, mitigate by trying the following methods for the session: 1) switching browsers, 2) trying a private/incognito window. Note: just because, for example, Chrome doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that Chrome isn’t working for another person. No one really has the same browser: every Chrome installation is physically different.

DEVICE SPECIFIC: The #1 cause of problems will be an adblocker or other security software on the device (phone or laptop). Mitigate this be either 1) switching devices, or 2) finding and disabling that security tool or else allow an exception in it.

CONNECTION SPECIFIC: High latency internet connections may struggle with a full HD broadcast that uses a lot of bandwidth. Mitigate by 1) switching to a more robust internet connection or 2) Adjust the quality setting (downscale it) by clicking the gear icon on the video broadcast.

We’re not able to troubleshoot individual browser settings, devices, or connections. We cannot change how an individual’s browser, device, or connection interacts with the video. The above solutions are normative.