Vidchat schedules february 2022

Hi folks… I’ve posted two short format vidchats on this month’s schedule. Please bear in mind that these could change last minute, so always consult the schedule. The reason being is that I’ve had covid on top of everything else, and with that, experienced a weird sort of laryngitis that for several days meant I didn’t have a voice, and what voice I have now isn’t as strong as normal. I also have a heavy rehab schedule and that could change too, so I’m trying to balance several things here. As I warned earlier, this heart attack simply means that I cannot bear the schedule I had before all this happened, and will have to adjust my habits accordingly. However, I also do not intend to shut down vidchats or the website, but to continue on a reduced schedule until my rehab takes hold. Thank you all for your many prayers - without which I do not know if I could have survived this - and thank you all for your patience with me during this very long and unplanned-for “holiday”!
Jos F