Virus that causes COVID-19 found in Canadian wildlife for the 1st time | CBC

The war to remove meats from our diet continues.
“But another, more concerning scenario, is that it could continue to spread to other deer and other species, becoming a possible source of infection for humans, and a source of more variants.”


The demonization of meat continues. Whether the conditions reported in this meat plant article are true or not (I believe they are), its another black eye for the meat industry. In my opinion, this is the subconscious reason behind this story. Call me a paranoid tinfoil hat kinda guy if you like…I’ve been called worse. :slightly_smiling_face:


“Virus that Causes Covid-19”
Yeah sure. I wasn’t aware that we were randomly testing healthy wildlife for Covid. This is beyond dumb. I am constantly amazed and disappointed that people believe this crap.

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It’s a great way to stack functions… In the next decade or so, watch for zoning or other laws to be changed so that humans can no longer live close to wildlife because… “science”! All those Deplorable country dwellers catching viruses from wild animals, dontcha know…


It won’t work here in Texas. Believe me. Nearly every ranch in my neighborhood is high-fenced and it isn’t just to keep out illegals!