Wal Thornhill is a Complete Fraud (Thunderbolts Project Debunked)

Nevertheless, just wait, “thunderbolts-science” will be the basis of the new religion/sciences, whether we like it or not. Why? Because their models will fit neatly into a more expansive systems( think solar system/near-galactic exploration/exploitation) , that is to say, a not-quite-open system of physics/finance. The “circuit” will open up ever so slightly.
But not ever enough to let us proles know what is really going on, let alone what the actual physics of the completely ooen system is.


BTW, “prof.” Dave should have used vector equations to illustrate Gravity — at the( oops!) very least.

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Yeah mainstreamers, the podcaster looks just like when chatolic apologists trying to fraudalize Jay Dyer Orthodox Christian Defense!

In case someone stumbles upon similar slips in future just point to the relativist dogmacists how silly looks their current mainstream astrophysics when now is proven that the standard model coz the recent lepton universality flaws is obsolete thus all big’bang black’hole gravitational skim bogus science! Most probably due to humanism and its grrrrr inertia [1]

Interesting “they” cant catch the “black hole” in Crn so now pitch for new 10billion collider maybe beneath Jekyll Island, who knows maybe trying to smash some superman genes beneath rockie plaza!? I kindly recommend the new debunking greetings of “their” mainstream astrophysical exceptionalism shared by Uzincker …

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I agree. Right on point.
And I think that something like that has a high probability of happening.

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Dont you just love how Science cannot help but shoot itself in the foot thanks to these gargantuan egos elbowing each other to get the front of the fake-reality line. They should stick to shampoo commericals…


Of course. I find it interesting and entertaining. And yes they would probably make good commercialists. :smirk:

Have you seen this one!?

Sort of like the $53M a day NASA fake scientism? Thunderbolts Project has a lot of inconsistencies, that is for sure but at least they aren’t financed by DARPA and Disney. Problem is that the NASA lie is so huge that to unravel it will be a nightmare. Should be done but you have Dave and the rest of thee paid shills to fight it, along with all the “astrophysics majors” who have spent their lifetime on quantum nothingness.

If the virus lie wasn’t so huge, I would probably have shrugged my shoulders and walked away from this one. Combined, we are talking fraud the size of Antarctica.


Science needs men like Wal Thornhill.

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I wasnt aware about gravitational lensing in JWST [1][1][1] so even this argument of AlexU is slick smack, eh, will we ever see pro and contra debate among him and some mainstreamer soon!?

In context of electric universe theory, altho I am not anyhow ultra fun, but must say that recently something caught my eye that can potentially give credence to the logic … ~ Astronomers are now questioning webb images - #5 by Pelister

“Thunderbolts” not backed by DARPA?? When Hal Puthoff( & other CIA etc) himself is involved with fx the Safire Project?
They are right now STRATEGICALLY moving all their chess pieces. For example, Pfizer, as well as Zillionskyy, are being sent to the altar for burning, and trillions of $$ are being moved into the new Big Nutra, which will decide exactly what nutraceutical supplements you may take with your “food” —— which we will buy at “Whole”[ note: Holy( the new sacred)] Foods, without cash, as the AI will already know what we are buying and debet our account instantly.
All of NASA will quietly go away, and SpaceX or similar will take over, and lie, lie, monstrously lie again. And of course Dave is a worm, but at least it shows that dissent is possible, and that unquestioning obedience to just any new paradigm, just because the old one isn’t good anymore, perhaps isn’t the way forward.
Simply put, maybe we all might need to keep a weather eye on the chess pieces at the very minimum. And perhaps inform each other, here or elsewhere, when we find a new grain of truth.


I could not agree more. When you watch the BBC Great British Baking Show and Pru tells us that insects are the future, we are being surrounded.


Right, justa – Predator-Prey narrative, number I lost count: The bugs are eating us! We need the shot! Wait! Bad shot. We need to eat the bugs … and supplements brought to us by the shot people.

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The whole point is to imagine a world that we need to leave, fly into space, instead of realizing the perfection of the world that God created for us. Wal Thornhill is still a whirling planet through space despite his understanding of this electric planet. (Smaller plane within what could be a large one we have been kept from knowing).

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Vade Retro Satana



Ah yes 666 the number. Carbon the element. Some people say some strange and interesting things about this number and about this element, I don’t know if they are telling the truth or lying.

Ah, good old professor Dave. Another member of an academia brimming with mediocrity.

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Nay, I don’t know the name of the beast either, mate. I know the Name above every name. We can only walk by the light we’re given. Whatever they’re feeding us, I’ll still trust my hunger. Do you know this one? xo

I drank at every vine.
The last was like the first.
I came upon no wine
So wonderful as thirst.
I gnawed at every root.
I ate of every plant.
I came upon no fruit
So wonderful as want.
Feed the grape and bean
To the vintner and monger;
I will lie down lean
With my thirst and my hunger.

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I cannot say that I’m familiar with this particular poem.