Wall Street's Plan To Financialize ALL Nature!


Another relevant interview on the same topic…financializing natural resources.


I’ve heard about this… It’s the ultimate in greed and disregard for life. People scream about “climate change” when the financial system is the biggest man-made threat to life on this planet, especially human life.

Note that in order to financialize something, it has to go in an accounting system, meaning it has to be given an ID, tracked, and traced…

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… yet two more “lists” that should be added 1) those “Its” involved in the so-called “financial system”, and 2) those involved in the creation and maintenance of the Technocracy. These “lists” will henceforth be referred to as “ToDo” Lists. To paraphrase Fiat above … “Note that in order to be added to a list, it (and this is a quite generous description) has to go into an “accounting system”, meaning it has to be given an ID, tracked, and traced … for a time.”