Walter Bosley and Joseph .. Trans - Temporal Cosmic Communication .. recorded 2 days ago


The Esoteric Napoleon with Walter Bosley - May 4, 2019


I am posting to bump this back onto the front page since people asked for the link - I am listening to the first video listed.


Bump away Melodi … it’s a WHOOPER DOOSIE … I have listened 3 times and may go back for a fourth … (the Walter and Joseph link at top)


Wish he would give an ETA on the follow up to “the esoteric Napoleon”.

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Captain Howdy coming trough?Like in greeting how do you do?Right…?
Anyway don’t do it unless guided by proper shaman,and yes Dr. Farrell is right there on point.Namely there are only few of them, or handfull of them, maybe 5 to 10 people nowdays on the entire Earth , that can guide you properly,and again at your very great and real risk for you to perish entirely from existence ,for all times…and spaces.Again don’t do it unless you have friend shaman or whatever who is able and trained to search for you when you are lost trough the entire universe literally,to find you and bring back you home.All others are tricksters, or under the influence of tricksters including the priests of all existing religions. All but to the one. And their numbers are huge, nowadays.So be careful who you confess to. Whom you ask for help from. Those tricksters will leave you stuck on some level, for their own personal gain, or because of orders from their bosses they serve. They will leave you in a trap.
Nothing comes to someone or to the one if he himself is not already near the thing by his own choice and in his own way. That thing that things come by themselves to someone or to the one or something is an illusion and a delusion that we call motion.One if not the first of many perceptual fallacies,or mental misconceptions.Etc…Dr.

Or Enoch…Methusaleh…Noah…

Take your pick,for what ever you will.

Yes, it is! I listened to it and am debating writing him about some of my own experiences, which I may bring up for video chat sometime. Including the extraordinarily vivid and powerful dream where a voice says I am being taken back in time to view the assassination of Gandhi but that no matter how much I want to, I must NOT stop the assassination. When I told my husband about this, he said, “That is the most terrifying part of the dream!” I said, “Yes, it implies I could, or someone COULD change it; that is terrifying, right three.”

I followed listening to this interview with Walter’s show from two weeks ago on mind-time travel, which feeds into this show. Taken together, let’s just say I have a lot to process, and I probably will listen again. I love the idea of reading “recordings” off of objects. I have a friend who used to be an antique dealer, and she made good use of her “gift” at “reading” objects, which led her down the correct path to research them pretty often.

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Dr. Farrell’s theory about objects storing audio information… brings up the question does the Earth itself record events; maybe the Earth’s magnetic field stores information like an old floppy disk does with magnets. Maybe ice core samples are like a record of Earth’s past.


My favorite “brain” book. Although not mentioned in the book it made me think that perhaps some “deja vu” experiences and “reincarnation” experiences might be us picking up on some electromagnetic or as Joseph and Walter brought up recently scalar phenomena reorded in the latice structures of crystals, etc.
She would be an interesting guest for Joseph for a “Dialogue”.
She has written several interesting books. I have a couple of them.

The Electromagnetic Brain: EM Field Theories on the Nature of Consciousness Paperback – November 17, 2020
by Shelli Renée Joye

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About Dr. Joye:

Fascinated by science, I built my own HAM radio station at age fourteen, and during my last year of high school won the Northern VA Science Fair for constructing a working Linear Ion Accelerator. Entering Rice University on a physics scholarship, I found myself most interested in electromagnetics and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering, hoping to go on for a PhD. Shortly before graduation, however my worldview was forever changed by several experiences under the influence of psychotropics:my first eye-opener was under the influence of LSD in the summer of 1967 on a California beach at night south of Big Sur, and the second major experience occured at night in the remote countryside of central Texas near Austin, and thereafter I became increasingly interested in the physics of consciousness.

For several years thereafter I worked with John Lilly in his interspecies communication work, and built my own isolation chamber for contemplative exploration. I entered graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studies after learning of its methodology integrating science, classical mysticism, and consciousness studies. After receiving an MA in Comparative Asian Philosophy, I married another student and moved to Saudi Arabia where we lived for twenty years, rearing our son and daughter. Since returning, I recently completed a doctoral program. Dissertation title: The Pribram-Bohm Holoflux Theory of Consciousness.

My home is a cedar cabin near Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park in far northeastern California where I practice contempation, hiking, reading and writing. I have property in Assisi, Italy, where I hope to restore a 12th century church in Gualdo di Sopra, a small valley just north of Assisi.

Maybe not trans-temporal.How about exo-temporal.? :man_shrugging:

You stole my life, and made me exceedingly envious in the process (an emotion I feel rarely) :slight_smile: