War with Venezuela over Ghana

Venezuela is scheduling a vote annexation of this are of Ghana. Exxon did exploration years ago and existed, now they are back to develop after dispute over who owns the gas field was settled by international court.

From today’s Dredge Report…

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I’d say if Exxon wants the land, let them pay and send their own soldiers.

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Nah, that’s the CIA’s job, protect corporate assets.


Just doing what the USSA did to the Middle East.
The oil fields of countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Kuwait, and the UAE were national or state companies under tight control, mostly of monarchs or dictators Those monarchies jealously guarded their oil fields and showed no inclination to follow the Washington desires for privatizing in some “free market” scheme or giving control to giant USSA and UK oil multinationals such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, or Shell.
General Clark got a memo from from Rumsfeld not long after 9/11.saying the USSA was going to attack and destroy the governments in seven Middle East rich oil countries in five years
To redraw the map of the entire Islamic belt of countries.
The theme was to be: Democracy in the Muslim world!
If they won’t give the oil to you on your terms; just take them by force.
Otherwise known as “color” revolutions[courtesy of the CIA]