One of our regular readers noticed something, and shared it, and it’s significant enough I want to bring to people’s…


Or, because of the extreme pressure to get jabbed, people commit suicide. A friend from Canada reported that a teen who felt he could no longer participate as a normal person, VAX passports required most places in Canada, because his parents did not want him to be jabbed. (killed) took his own life last week. It is clear THAT isn’t being reported anywhere. I am sure. he will be counted in the Covid deaths- while true indirectly, it keeps the VYRUSS fear going.

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if i were me i’d take a look at the source ur friend reported, hundreds and thousands of fake ai-written stories lurk the web.
albeit its not unbelieveable
thats the psycho part, and our mirror of what we lost ;-(


This was the son of someone I KNOW.

Where did the people go?.. so after reading todays blog and comments on the main page, one old memory surfaced to the front of my mind. Several years ago I was active in certain Central European economy/history themed blog. It was or rather still is run by small independent publisher of rare forgotten history books, mostly European history. There was a lot of lively exchanges by the members. One particular person was registered by me, since his remarks on lots of subject were very well formed and seemed plausible. The guy lived in Frankfurt, Germany and was working as a high level manager in one of the big local banks. He often commented on German history and politics. On several occasions in a years 20015-2018 he raised issue of young well educated German population leaving fatherland for the greener pastures. He was talking about 2-3 mln of people disappearing in a span of 2-3 years from German economy. He was probably privy to some good reports, that his industry was lucky to get their hands on. Now… ever since I found out (eternal thank you dr. Farrell, CAF, R. Dolan) about breakaway civilization, once in a while I have a thought or two about these young natives missing from German economy. Now in US we can’t account for so far 1-1.5 mln. I am the most interested in education level and specific professions of these people. That is my HOS of the day.


the mirror
i could elaborate
having a ‘man’, a lady and a boy. they are beautiful, strong, bold, and utmostly witty. and they know it! bloody bastards :slight_smile: all of them know the rules given by god and i am flopping every day. in mylady’s graduate class only she and her girlfriend (who is a practicing catholic both of them r leaders of the local boyscouts, brilliant firstgraders, beauties etc) r not jabbed. so i got the feeling and i was worrying about. but mylady says no. and the kid is undestructible as well. guess i got lucky along. being grateful every day
so its the heartfelt crisis for the parents thats for sure. serene condolences to them

I see help wanted signs everywhere these days (south central PA). However, have noticed other things that might explain it; at least with the larger businesses. Those, that might be following the so called experts (Mr. Global and his minions).

For example, our local grocery store which is one of the smaller, national chains has been flying banners for help wanted, instant interviews and instant hires. The store most of the time has a sea of employees now on duty - more than I’ve ever seen in a grocery store… even in big cities. But, the catch is it seems like the faces change constantly, they don’t stay. Which is odd for a rural area. It used to be (before covid) that although you may not know their names… you could recognize the staff on practically every trip. Not true at all now.

But here’s what I learned about that… One day, about a week ago I saw an older woman who has worked there for years and years. One of those clerks that just puts a smile on your face, who’s just outstanding at customer service. I was so happy just to see her that I almost hugged her - but did not as that might be a jail-able offense these days. Anyways, I asked her where she had been and what’s up with all these new employees and constant changes. She said… they slashed all the regular staffs hours to practically nothing and still want employees available to work at a moment’s notice. Hours as low as 6 hours a week, over three days (three trips back and fourth to work). She said many just quit as they could not survive the hour cuts. She said she would have to, but was doing this more to just get out of the house and do something.

She went on to say they are constantly hiring and training now, but then nobody gets enough hours to even justify the trip to work. It’s a vicious circle the store has put itself in… constantly training and then losing employees as they don’t give them enough hours. Why would they do this?

It makes me wonder if the chains, under Mr. Global’s control are being used to lure people away from small businesses jobs with the promise of higher wages and then not give them any real hours. All with the added benefit of saying look at all the help wanted signs, the people are lazy and don’t want to work - thus and once again, blaming the people.

It’s a manufactured workforce disruption just like the supply chain… well, they go hand and hand.

So, in part I think that might be a part of what’s going on.

We might want to check in with Dave Paulides for other aspects; yet he works on reported cases of missing people… with no reports, he might not have even noticed.


Airline crews dying in the air and on the ground


Even some of the “official” suicide numbers I’ve heard are alarming (some reporting from the UK, not sure if I heard much about the U.S.). It’s tragic. Between deaths from lockdowns and jabs, and suicides from the intentionally inflicted psychological torture through isolation, fear, anxiety, job losses, etc., a lot of people must be dying – and not from a respiratory disease.

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Hi Christoper and welcome. We heard this story too from a friend of a worker, who works for a local small chain grocery store. The person who told us lives in TN, and the grocery stores are in that area and maybe in NC.

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I believe it! and I am sure it’s not just happening with lower wage jobs. People are being encouraged to make changes and the changes lead them to or back to, the unemployment line. All the while, making it look like it’s the people’s fault. And, with that… they can say we simply must switch to full automation as people don’t want to work. It’s just another problem > reaction > solution narrative designed to blame the people and divide them (as they blame each other instead of those running the show) which helps them create their new reality.


The truth is lurking in the data. In May, I was skeptical about the ‘They are dying’ hypothesis. I know people who have pulled up everything in the New York City area, bought a home only through viewing realtor website pictures, then got in his family and drove out to Vermont to see the new home his family would be living in.

But, this data is tracking the same, month after month since February, the first month that large scale vaccination started.

Yes, over a million US Citizens have DIED after getting the jab. There is no other explanation for this ‘Vanish’, that I can calling it, in the data.

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Steve - one might be inclined to think some of these stores are AI generated.
However, anyone following flight tracker “Monkeywerx” on YT might note that he’s been reporting a high number of inflight emergencies lately.


Addendum to my earlier post about apparent in-flight emergencies.
Apparently some of those incident reports can be due to faulty radio performance, and are monitored 24/7 in real time.
I’m not an expert in the field, but have to wonder how it’s possible for so many radios to malfunction at a given time?

unknown. as a pilot, i can tell you that aviation radios are hard core excellent technology.


Thank you for sharing.
It would seem to me that such equipment, and the industry itself would have very high standards.
But, since devolution is taking over, who knows for sure?
Could be many possible reasons / explanations behind these “reports”…

There is a type of radio on aircraft called distance measuring equipment. It was one of the precursors to GPS and LORAN.

Essentially, it is a UHF radio that operates in tandem and from the same facilities that broadcast frequency modulated directional beacons, called VORs. basically they allow you to fly towards or away from a target on a specific radial.

The DME enables you to tell how far away from the station you are up to about 30 miles at normal attitudes, and 200 miles in a jet.

The FAA published a warning approximately 20 years ago that cell phones could interfere with DME equipment as a third harmonic of one of the Channels on the DME radio.

while the power of 5G radios omnidirectionally is weaker than existing cells, it’s unidirectional power is tremendous. It would not surprise me that under certain conditions, 5G could interfere with an aviation radio.

GPS has a very weak signal. If some of those 5G signals from the 200 cell phones in the back of the plane or to interfere with one another, you could see unexpected affects on GPS or any other radio navigation system.

now remember, that these are affectively back up systems, and all of the aviation navigation that takes place under normal circumstances is performed with an inertial navigation system that is set to the gate of the departure of the plane that’s taking off and it captures within inches of where it’s going to land 8000 miles away. This particular initial system is likely heavily shielded.

So the FAA is complaining about something that it never tested, That it can’t precisely describe, about the secondary radios in a jet, and I think the issue is been blown out of proportion because people don’t want to get micro cooked by the 5G microwaves. I mentioning this so that we all remember to keep in perspective that without the actual scientific details, it’s just another narrative. But thanks for posting it certainly is interesting


From what I have seen and read as a pilot, it has to do with interference with the altimiter setting which could be catastrophic on an IFR approach especially with low visibility and low ceilings. There are also other dangers with having an inaccurate altimeter setting especially when flying in instrument conditions.

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This sounds eerily familiar and I don’t even live anywhere near the US. As a nurse I had not that problem but all the non civil servants (state hospital/nursing home) never got enough hours so they had wages they couldn’t live on. This phenomenon started years well before covid. Also the hiring people that didn’t speak the native language that did get fulltime jobs!

In hindsight I can come only to the conclusion this tactic is very deliberate.

re altimiter. that makes sense, its not the altimiter per se. the GPS approaches at major airports have an additional radio beacon for precise altitude flying, called WAAS. ITS Plausible that some of these signals can interfere. im against 5g, so i hope they ban the whole thing.