West[Green Agenda] Is Purposely Committing Economic Suicide[Davos/Reset]

All to insure the collapse of industrial society,
perhaps w/in the next few months!
Humans are the targeted frogs being slowly boiled
by their respective “elected” governments!
[File under depopulation agenda.]


At one point last year, if you purchased crude oil, you would be paid to take it since storing it cost more than the oil was worth; oil tankers were sailing in circles and refusing to dock because the price was so low. Now crude oil prices are through the roof. I guess it’s just the “market” adjusting to supply and demands – the demands of Baal, Klaus & Co.

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Climate psyop event in Glasgow, to be opened on Halloween, 31 Oct. supposedly with royals present. Curiously, this Express article does not mention the date. A lot could happen in the next 2 weeks…

No supply & demand curve in an economy w/o any price discovery mechanisms.
The “Western” economies are "fixed; just like their elections!
[then add FASBE 56 & all budgets going black;
plus, they want it all going into digital coupons!]

All the ingredients for an economy from hell!

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The Royal Climate Banquet.
The high & mighty cannibals are getting ready for their coming feast.
The world’s populations are on the cannibal’s authoritarian COP26 menus!
Sprinkle some covid1984 variants here & there; draughts & floods here & there; then fire it all up w/DEW energy weapons, and serve on globalized digital coupons!

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Regrettably, this is what it takes to wake up those who know nothing of Klaus & Co, his reset, nor his AI agenda (let alone 21-30). To take down a corporation, you have to kick them in the wallet. To wake up the American people, you have to kick them. This is our country and we need to start acting like it.

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I agree, justa… and that’s a possible silver lining. I get the feeling more people are waking up and realizing something is seriously out of whack with government and public policy.

The 17th letter warned not to get involved in a Civil War, not do nothing- just don’t take up arms as the civilian population would get too many innocent people killed- but for God’s sake (literally) quit letting other people stand up for what you believe. They don’t care. The one’s you put in office care about the perks and how long they can stay there to get MOAR.

It is our country so we have to quit letting them control us. One step at a time, we say NO and take this country back. We want to use cash? Then by golly, start using it! We don’t want mandates? Join a class action suit because mandates are ILLEGAL. Freedom is not free. You have to TAKE IT.


When will you accept that there ARE NO COVID VARIANTS. The BS does not exist. TOXINS EXIST. SPIKE PROTEINS EXIST. No bloody virus exists, let alone variants of it.

Super-high octane: some speculate that certain royals we see are just actors, and that an “event” will be set up with the announcement that they have left the earth plane.