Westeros Northreners and Southerners

I don’t think you Westeros will understand us Northerners and Southerners.
And even less that you will even try to learn our languages, customs and traditions.
I think that it is too much effort for your “western” minds and mentalities.
But keep in mind, we are not and have never been barbarians, on the contrary we are and have been and will remain a civilization even after you Westeros.
We are not a commodity to be mocked, not something like Pensoslovakija, and similar Hollywood mockery in the style of that (something somewhere in “slovakia”, is always bad event or bad in all and for all , that we are incapable of living for ourselfs that we are inafantile etx…or anything that has the suffix “ija”.)
But here give it a try…with the help of music