What did the Egyptians know about Joseph P Farrell?

Unnamed Source sent me an image of this Egyptian tablet that was rumored to have been found in a chamber under the Sphinx during an expedition in 1911 only to be lost at sea during the sinking of the Olympic aka Titanic. Recently uncovered by divers.

It clearly shows a man with a hat and a pipe livestreaming on youtube, likely discussing the nazi ufo above him.



@kfleming78 hm it has logic if You see the past and the future as reflections of the present! dont mind I have issue with spammers in threads what about on the forum, altho this one as creatively dedicated is worth a greeting … ideally if it was dropped in some meme category …

if You are making anime series from this joke would You prefer Ainu glyphs, maybe Toltec one if shoot docu?


Two of my favorite jazz artists, Herbie and Miles. Their “music” seems like cacophony to most.


That looks like a really heavy and uncomfortable hat that would probably fall off it it wasn’t glued to his scalp.

Good laser etching I’d estimate this to be about 18-19 million years old probably east bank of the Nile river, the Olympic used to sail that route for the spice trade.