What Does an AI Think The Bell Is?

There’s a new AI that you can play with (after signing up for free OpenAI API ) that can talk naturally. It can create scripts, code for software, funny stories, et cetera. I naturally plugged in the description of The Bell from page 172 (Igor Witkowski’s description) of The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. Obviously it shouldn’t be taken as gospel but it’s a fun little thing to play with :smiley: If it gives you any neat answers from his books share them! Here’s what the AI determined:


I’ve been messing with OPENAIs API a lot in the last week, the newest davinci model is amazing.

We are not far away from some serious AI kids! This could escalate QUICkLY

You can describe a function and name the language you want it programmed in and it will just lay it out there for you to cut & paste.

The Dall-E from openAI is amazing too but i heard google has a better one that isn’t public.

I can only imagine the AI that the government has in their arsenal… likely light years ahead of what the public is allowed to use

Oh yah - just a TIP - if you plan to use it a lot - you might want to switch from the Davinci model to the Curie model because OPENAI gives you an $18 advance that could get used quickly in a few months - switching to Curie will give you 10 times the amount of queries and yield nearly the same results

Between these AI and deep fakes we’re gonna have a tough time telling things apart. Not like we don’t already lol